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While concrete cracks seem to be a common occurrence, they become problematic and cause further damage when left unchecked. Cracks typically occur due to thermal movement, applied pressure, and shrinkage. If left untreated, they could widen over time and encourage water seepage into your home.

Cracks are also notorious for lowering your home’s value and structural integrity. Fortunately, thanks to innovations such as the crack injection brought to you by PrimeLine Products, Inc, you could permanently repair these cracks. Here’s everything you need to know about the crack injection technology.

What is crack injection?

Crack injection basically remedies cracks, filing them from the front to the back with polyurethane or epoxy. This chemical grouting method either utilizes low-pressure or high-pressure injection depending on the intensity and type of crack you are dealing with. Experts recommend repairing cracks immediately to avoid water infiltration into your home.

How does it work?

Chemical grouting works differently depending on the size and intensity of the crack. Fine cracks can be sealed using an epoxy resin or polyurethane chemical grouting supplies. These chemicals can penetrate cracks as fine as 0.1 mm wide or less. Normally, you are advised to inject the grout with pressure to ensure tight sealing.

On wider cracks with more than 1 mm width, you may utilize chemical grouting accessories and equipment on vertical surfaces and simply pour the grout on cracks that lie along horizontal surfaces.

What about manhole and joint sealing?

Sewer systems are also vulnerable to cracks as the structures age. If left unattended, these cracks could encourage water infiltration diluting the sewage. Fortunately, Avanti chemical grouting products have proven to be reliable in joint and manhole sealing, providing long-lasting and desirable results.

Whether you are planning to seal these identified cracks by yourself or through the help of a professional, you can call PrimeLine Products. We strive to offer quality chemical grouting products for all your sealing needs.

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