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Your home is the biggest investment you will ever make. It is the security for you and your family, where you live, raise your children and make your memories. Naturally, you want to protect that investment as much as possible. Keeping all the systems of your home properly maintained is an important part of protecting it, plus helping your home keep its value.
Preventing problems is best, but sometimes there are repairs and even replacements that need to be made. Sometimes even major repairs. One area where this may occur is in your home’s sewer system. It is vitally important to keep your sewer system functioning as is should, since it is what removes all the waste from your bathrooms and kitchen, keeping your home clean and safe. While no one likes to think about major plumbing repairs, it is important to be informed of your choices should the need arise.

It used to be that any kind of service on your sewer lines meant bringing in heavy equipment to dig a trench in your yard, then performing the repairs or replacement and then putting everything back in place. This kind of service is disrupting, inconvenient and expensive. Fortunately, with advancements in technology, new methods have been developed that no longer involve such drastic measures. Through trenchless sewer lining, you can repair or replace your lines quickly, efficiently and without all the destruction of the traditional trench method.
Trenchless sewer lining equipment is far removed from the bulldozers or other heavy equipment you may think of when it comes to sewer repair. Only one or two small access holes are needed when using trenchless, so the damage to your yard is extremely minimal. This is accomplished

through two different methods:

Pipe Lining

This is when a resin-coated flexible tube is pulled into or blown into your existing pipes. The tube is then inflated into place and allowed to harden and cure. Once it is hardened, it becomes a new pipe within the old pipe. It is a bit smaller in circumference, but this will have no effect on flow or performance.

Pipe Bursting

If your old pipes are too corroded or damaged, pipe lining may not be able to be used. In this case, pipe bursting would be the preferred method of replacement. This process involves pulling a pre-formed pipe through the old pipe, causing it to crack or burst outward.
Both methods of pipe replacement are equally durable and effective. The decison of which one to choose would depend on your particular situation, the condition of your pipes, etc. The advantages of using trenchless methods are much less digging and damage to your property, savings on labor costs with no trench to dig and the benefit of joint less and seamless pipes, which will make for less possible future damage due to cracks or root intrusion.
If you suspect a problem with your sewer lines, don’t hesitate to call a plumbing professional for a thorough inspection. Little problems can become big (and expensive) ones if not taken care of in a timely manner. Using the trenchless sewer lining equipment will not only save you much hassle and disruption to your property, but will save you time and money as well. You will be able to resume normal living in your home again more quickly, which is especially advantageous if you have a family. Try trenchless sewer lining today for a safer, more efficient home tomorrow.



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