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Trenchless pipe repair has revolutionized the industry. Most homeowners now choose this method over the conventional digging approach.

To stay competitive in a growing market, your pipe repair company needs the most effective equipment available. Here is a look at 5 must have trenchless repair equipment that no repair company should be without.

Hydraulic Pumps

When you use the pipe bursting method, you need the most powerful lateral bursting system available. This speeds the work and gives you control over the procedure. Hydraulic pumps are necessary, and the stronger they are, the better.

Pulling Units

You need to pull the new pipe into the damaged pipe for trenchless repair. That’s why you need a strong, reliable pulling unit. These devices burst old pipes as well as sewer lines that have collapsed or are seriously compromised.
These come in different strengths and sizes. Using small ones for pipes 6” in diameter, 8” and 12” is the best approach so you are ready for all types of jobs.

Water Line Slitters

This type of equipment is necessary when replacing old water lines. A cable is moved the old line. It is pulling a replacement line. The slitter tugs all of this through the broken line, putting the new line into place so it fits seamlessly.
With water line slitters, there is almost no need for digging. The procedure is quick, taking just a short amount of time and labor.

Pipe Liners

Liner tubes become the new the cured-in-place pipe after you coat them with resin. They come in a range of diameters, from 3” to 12”. There are many variations.
Some are very flexible for jobs that have multiple bends and 90-degree bends. Others are made for jobs that include a 45-degree bend, and some are best for jobs that involve a straight pipe.


As the resin hardens on the liner, it creates the new pipe. That’s why it is so important to invest in quality resin products. The better the resin, the more durable the pipe.
They resin put on the pipe is a mix of A and B resins mixed together. The best are chemical-resistant. They should create a low viscosity material when A and B are mixed so it can easily soak into the lining material. Make sure it hardens easily in the presence of water.
Two other important pieces of equipment to consider are the video camera and water jetting devices.

Video Camera

The video camera has revolutionized sewer line repair. Instead of digging up the old pipe to discover what the problem is, the video camera does all the work. And it is non-invasive.
The camera has a locator device attached so you always know where it is as it works its way through the pipe system. Your technician watches its progress on a monitor above ground. He can control where the camera goes, zoom in and record the entire video for later reference.
The locater device tells you exactly where the pipes are and where the clog or damage is. Most importantly, it shows you in pictures what the cause of the problem is. The most likely source is a tree root, a collapsed or deteriorating pipe or a crack in the pipe. There is no guessing when you use a camera. You see it all in front of you before you ever start working.

Water Jetting Equipment

After you use the video camera, you may find out that you don’t need to proceed with trenchless sewer repair. Instead, all you need to do is clear out the build up in the old pipe to get it flowing again. Clogs are the major source of trouble for all sewer problems.

With the water jetting equipment, you can send a powerful stream of scalding water through the pipes. This clears out the clog. It also gets rid of buildup over the entire surface of the pipe’s interior.



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