Trenchless Pipe Repair 101: Getting to Know the Pipes Within the Pipes

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If your sewer system experiences a problem or breaks, you need to assess your repair options. A newer method of pipe repair, trenchless pipe rehabilitation, came on the market for residential consumers about 10 to 15 years ago, but remains widely unknown. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work well. In fact, it can be the best option for some of the most common sewer pipe issues.

To familiarize the masses, we’ll take a look at the basic mechanics of trenchless pipe repair, and show you how it can help in times of a plumbing emergency.

It all starts with the age and condition of your system. If your pipes have significant damage or are simply reaching the end of their lifespan, it may be time to invest in trenchless pipe repair. Experts suggest that a sewer system be replaced every 40 years. Old pipes inevitably incur damage and cracks over time; they may even be corroded from acidic water running through your system. In addition to every day wear, your pipes are prone to freezing and breaking if you live in a colder area where the temperature drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Even a small discrepancy can cause wreak havoc on your home’s entire plumbing infrastructure. Trenchless methods can reverse all of this damage with a simple solution.

The reason it’s called trenchless repairs is because — as you may have guessed — contractors can repair the pipes without digging a trench to reach the pipes. Instead of completely lifting out old pipes and replacing them with new ones, trenchless methods work from the inside. Contractors set an epoxy lining inside the old damaged pipes. Of all the pipe lining systems, trenchless methods cause the least damage to your grounds thanks to revolutionary rehabilitation techniques.

The epoxy lining essentially creates a new pipe within the old one to seal up the damage and corrosion. Trenchless experts utilize a “cured in place pipe” to set the epoxy lining inside the existing pipes. The old pipe acts as a mold for the new ones, eliminating the need to dig up old pipes and physically replace them.

Epoxy pipe lining is incredibly durable. It cures into a seamless pipe shape that is resistant to the erosion and cracks that traditional metal pipes experience. Trenchless repair is perfect for the many common sewer and pipe problems that you may have and can save you the hassle of the more traditional “dig and replace” method. Due to its effectiveness and convenience for the homeowner, trenchless pipe repair is quickly becoming the go-to choice for today’s consumer.



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