How TRY TEK’s CWP Inversion Unit Is Changing Manhole Rehabilitation

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The TRY TEK Controlled Water Pressure (CWP) Inversion Unit is one of the best pieces of equipment used in the industry of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation and manhole rehabilitation. But what exactly is the CWP Inversion Unit, and why does it matter so much? Here’s a quick look at how it works, and why it’s so cool:

    • The CWP Inversion Unit allows for pipeline repairs in places that are otherwise inaccessible to conventional water inversion units. This means that the CWP Inversion Unit is able to reach areas in backyards, under bridges, and in tight alleys.
    • The equipment is based on a process called water inversion. Water inversion limits the amount of ground water that enters the pipe during a manhole rehabilitation process. This allows the operator to place a pipe relining around the host pipe.
    • The CIPP liner (cured in-place pipe liner) is filled with pressurized water, thereby keeping the liner inflated and reducing the risk of cave-ins and damage to the host pipe. Water inversion also provides constant heat as the CIPP lining resin hardens. This process is essential to the overall success of a pipeline and manhole rehabilitation project. If the CIPP lining doesn’t form and harden correctly, the resulting pipe simply won’t work well.
    • The CWP Inversion Unit is a good choice for a manhole rehabilitation project. This water inversion process is much more advanced than air and steam inversion techniques. It ensures that there are no jogs in the pipeline and it can provide a continuous stream of pressure for more than 1,000-feet. For pipelines that are curved or have irregularities, this process allows for constant pressure throughout all of the bends.
  • The fact that water retains heat better than air is another reason why the CWP Inversion Unit works so well. Unlike a conventional steam or air inversion process, the constant water pressure is coupled with heat that can be precisely controlled. This process also reduces the risk of groundwater leaking into the pipe, which would cause the newer resin to cool too quickly and create an incomplete lining.

Trenchless sewer technology has skyrocketed in popularity over the last two decades, especially among homeowners, because it allows for exceptional pipe repairs without causing too much damage to the surrounding landscape. In fact, even though trenchless repairs may cost 30-50% more than conventional pipe and manhole repairs, around 90% of the existing landscape can be saved, which means thousands of dollars are saved by not needing landscape restoration.

Without the TRY TEK CWP Inversion Unit, the industry of trenchless sewer repairs definitely wouldn’t be as successful as it is today!



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