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Transporting lateral pipe lining equipment does not have to be time-consuming and cumbersome. If you’re looking for a more efficient transport and setup solution, PrimeLine Products offers the MaxLiner System. Here’s why it’s such a versatile and time-saving option you and your customers will surely appreciate when lateral lines need to be refurbished internally.

It’s Lightweight and Portable

The MaxLiner lateral pipe lining system is designed to be lightweight and portable. This makes the system easier to transport than what’s typical with other lining systems and related components. This can be especially beneficial if you want to be able to easily transition from one job to the next.  The main unit can be separated from the stand making it even smaller to get into tight locations like in crawl space.

Less Labor to Get the Job Done

MaxLiner’s lateral pipe lining components are small enough to be transported easily two employees and possible with just one. The actual lining jobs can be completed with as little as 2 people.  You also won’t have to worry about special vehicles just to transport this system since it can fit conveniently into your existing service vehicles. In addition, being able to use less labor per project means you can spread out your staff more among various projects while passing the savings along to your customers.

It’s Easy to Use

The MaxLiner system and related lateral lining materials is also a worthwhile investment since it’s easy to use. PrimeLine Products offers  liners that are highly flexible since they curve, stretch, and accommodate bends of varying angles in lateral lines up 90 degrees. They also allow for applications with various pipe configurations, including transitions.

Get the Quality Products and Supplies You Need

No matter what type of lateral pipe lining supplies you prefer, PrimeLine Products is your trusted source for everything you’ll need. If you’re new to the MaxLiner System, we’ll gladly answer your questions and help you determine what’s appropriate for your projects.

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