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Trelleborg internal seals

Ensuring the integrity of pipes against infiltration and exfiltration is paramount when it comes to underground infrastructure maintenance. That’s where PrimeLine Products steps in with reliable solutions such as Trelleborg internal seal products. Alongside our chemical grouting supplies, these seals provide robust and enduring protection for pipes of various diameters and materials. Understanding the benefits and features of Trelleborg internal seals empowers you to make informed decisions for your upcoming projects.

Safeguarding Potable Water Supply

Trelleborg internal seals play a pivotal role in safeguarding the integrity of potable water pipes. By effectively sealing against groundwater infiltration, these flexible rubber seals offer enhanced protection against contamination. Their ability to expand and form a tighter seal under higher pressure levels ensures heightened security, cementing their status as essential chemical grouting accessories and equipment.

Simplicity in Installation

PrimeLine Products prioritizes ease of installation, particularly Trelleborg internal seals excel in this aspect. With just a torque wrench and socket, your technicians can swiftly install or remove these seals. Designed to withstand pressures of at least 30 pounds per square inch internally and externally, along with rigorous mechanical forces, these seals offer durability and reliability in every installation.

Versatile Applications

The versatility of Trelleborg internal seals knows no bounds. Compatible with a wide array of pipe materials, including reinforced concrete, ductile iron, steel, PVC, and more, these seals cater to a diverse range of infrastructure needs. From residential to commercial and industrial pipelines, Trelleborg seals fit pipes ranging from eight to 122 inches in diameter, ensuring comprehensive coverage across various projects. Paired seamlessly with Avanti chemical grouting, they form a formidable defense against leaks and structural damage.

Delve deeper into the benefits, features, and specifications of Trelleborg internal seals, alongside our comprehensive range of manhole and joint sealing products. And with the wide selection of products in our online store, you’re sure to be equipped with the necessary tools.

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