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Old, damaged, or worn down sewer lines can create havoc for homeowners, but many homeowners believe them will also create havoc. They don’t want their properties torn up or their outdoor patios and gardens ruined.

However, there is a “no dig” method that many homeowners don’t know about. Also known as the trenchless method, this option has been around for 10 to 15 years, but is still relatively uncommon. Not all technicians have the tools and understanding needed to offer this method of sewer lining replacement. In most cases, people are making the decision to replace sewer lines due to an emergency, so they don’t have the time to shop around for services and options.

In a survey conducted by Angie’s List, 78% of consumers answered they had never heard of trenchless or any dig method. In the same study, 73% stated that they would pay more for a trenchless option of sewer lining replacement if it meant saving their existing landscape, patio, or deck. Even when sewer lines don’t need to be fully replaced, trenchless repair can solve problems without damaging your yard.

Having your sewer lines inspected can prevent the need for decisions to be made in an emergency. A professional plumber can tell you the approximate age and condition of your sewer lines, while also providing an estimate for sewer lining replacement. An inspection costs between $250 and $350.

When replacing sewer lines, the trenchless method can cost anywhere from 30% to 50% more. However, you won’t have to spend hundreds — possibly thousands of dollars — repairing your property following the sewer line replacement.

Older sewer lining systems are made of clay, which can be easily crushed or damaged. In regions where the winter temperature drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, the potential damage to clay lines is even greater due to the freezing of the ground around the lines. The cold temperatures can cause the clay to get brittle and crack, which makes them more likely to break completely.

Freezing of pipes and sewer lines and the subsequent water damage accounts for 22% of all home insurance claims. These claims cost $4,024 on average. Luckily, many of these types of claims can be avoided by some preventative work.



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