3 Reasons Your Consumers Shouldn’t Skip Out on Trenchless Pipe Technology

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As a business, you may wonder what to recommend to your clients. Many clients may initially say no to trenchless pipe repair — usually because it tends to be more expensive (30% to 50% more) than conventional digging methods.

Providing great customer care isn’t just about giving the customer what they want, though — it’s about giving them the facts they need to make an informed decision. After learning the facts, many consumers will likely change their minds as to whether this is the right technology for them.

Here are three reasons your consumers aren’t going to want to skip using trenchless pipe technology.

1. It Won’t Tear Up Their Yard
The huge benefit of trenchless replacement is that it won’t require thousands of dollars worth of landscaping after the fact. Even after being informed of the damage that conventional digging will do to their lawn, many homeowners are still unprepared for what it actually looks like after the fact. It isn’t just a matter of replacing bush for bush, either, since many plants take years to grow in fully and fit the yard. Trenchless pipe replacement can prevent 90% of the damage that would otherwise occur to driveways, landscaping, gas lines and more.

2. Pipe Lining Epoxy is a Good Choice
A cured in place pipe uses a pipe lining epoxy that is inserted through an end point of the damaged pipe. The epoxy, once set, cures in place and can then last for 50 years or more. An advantage of this method is that it is jointless; joints can often serve as access points for things like tree roots and leaks. Knowing that your pipes will work correctly for the rest of your time in your home can be a relief to many people.

3. Opting in Now Saves You From Accidents Later
If you think it’s time to invest in your pipes, now is the time to do it. Freezing and water damage add up to almost 22% of all homeowner insurance claims — and the average claim is worth over $4,000. Rather than wait for disaster to strike, opting for a minimally disruptive pipe replacement now can make a difference later.



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