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Lateral pipe lining equipment

When it comes to restoring residential and commercial pipes, having the right equipment can make all the difference. It can drive the success of your projects, as well as your productivity and profitability. That’s why, here at PrimeLine Products, we proudly offer Primeliner systems in our line of quality lateral pipe lining equipment. With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design, Primeliner systems facilitate accurate and precise results in record time, elevating your restoration efforts to new heights.

Versatility Unleashed

Every pipe restoration project is different, and Primeliner systems are equipped to handle them all with ease–in spite of their nuances. Whether your customers require the restoration of hard-to-reach roof drains, vents, pool drains, or basement drains, Primeliner inversion drums and other lateral pipe lining solutions rise to the occasion. With their slim design, ergonomic controls, and intuitive control unit, Primeliner systems ensure success even in the most challenging field conditions.

Efficient Restoration

Time is of the essence in pipe restoration projects, and waiting for ambient cure resin can significantly delay progress. With Maxliner HotKick lateral pipe lining supplies and equipment, you can expedite the curing process with hot water, restoring service to pipes quickly and efficiently. The mobile HotKick enables you to initiate the process from small pits or other access points, even in tight spaces.

Expanded Service Offerings

Primeliner systems aren’t just about pipe restoration—they are about expanding your range of services to cater to more customers. With compatibility with a variety of lateral lining materials and accessories, including adapter hoses, rings, control boxes, and plugs, you can offer comprehensive solutions that meet the diverse needs of your clientele. At PrimeLine Products, we’re committed to helping you work as efficiently as possible, maximizing your capabilities, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Ready to revolutionize your pipe restoration efforts? Explore our store today to discover the full range of Primeliner lateral lining products we offer. For more information or assistance, talk to us at PrimeLine Products. With Primeliner systems by your side, you’re sure to elevate your restoration game and achieve unparalleled success in every project!



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