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Monitor-well locking plugs

When your company conducts water and tank testing for vapors, volatile organic compounds, and other chemicals, it’s of utmost importance to have the right pipeline plugs to seal monitoring wells upon work completion. That’s why PrimeLine Products offers a diverse range of plugs specifically designed for monitoring well sealing and testing purposes. Understanding the essential facts about these monitor-well locking plugs is vital for selecting the most suitable product for each project.

Below are key insights into our monitor-well locking plugs.

Versatile Pipe Sealing

Thanks to a durable nitrile seal, our mechanical pipeline plugs can easily establish a secure barrier between the well and its surroundings. Available in sizes fitting pipes ranging from one to eight inches in diameter, these plugs are compatible with both Schedule 5 and Schedule 40 pipes. With the option for single-handed operation or use with our specialized tools, your crew can easily manage these monitoring-well plugs.

Compliance with EPA Standards

Utilizing our monitoring-well plugs ensures adherence to EPA regulations, meeting all current monitoring plug requirements. Featuring an ergonomically designed chrome latch, these plugs facilitate effortless insertion and removal. Pair them with our brass padlocks and other pipeline plug tools for enhanced security.

Environmental Protection

A properly installed monitoring-well plug plays a crucial role in environmental protection by resisting petroleum degradation and maintaining stability even under extreme conditions like heat, cold, or vibrations. Designed to withstand seismic activity, these pipeline plug accessories offer additional security against tampering by vandals.

Safety Assurance

Similar to our pneumatic plugs, monitoring-well plugs prioritize safety for technicians, engineers, hydrologists, and others working in proximity to aquifers or tanks. These plugs remain securely in place until intentionally released, while our rust-resistant, corrosion-proof padlocks offer additional durability.

For detailed product specifications and further information about our product line and monitor-well locking plugs, don’t hesitate to talk to us at PrimeLine Products. Whether you need assistance with product selection or wish to inquire about our inventory, our team is ready to assist you!



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