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Lateral pipe lining material

When faced with the urgency of restoring damaged sewer lines for clients, the choice of lateral pipe lining supplies and equipment can make a world of difference. At PrimeLine Products, we offer an array of lateral pipe lining solutions tailored to enhance productivity, ensuring swift and unmatched results.

Versatility for Different Configurations and Sizes

Our range of lateral pipe lining systems offers adaptability to various pipe configurations without the need for frequent head or cable changes. This minimizes downtime and simplifies handling alterations in pipe diameter, streamlining projects for older structures that have undergone multiple repairs and replacements over time.

Flexibility in Orientation

From horizontal to vertical pipe orientations, our lateral lining materials are engineered to handle both configurations seamlessly. These tools efficiently navigate through roof, basement, and pool drains, ensuring comprehensive coverage for diverse setups.

Accelerated Pipe Curing

Traditionally, waiting for epoxy resin to cure is a time-consuming aspect of pipe lining projects. With the Maxliner lateral lining system, our hot water curing method significantly reduces curing time. This accelerated process allows for quicker restoration of pipe service, enabling a swift transition to the next project.

Efficiency through Quality Tools

Using the right tools minimizes downtime, reduces repair needs, and ultimately lowers operational costs. At PrimeLine Products, our online store offers the finest equipment known for durability, low maintenance, and user-friendly design. By employing these tools, you can efficiently serve more clients and expand your trenchless pipe rehabilitation services.

Discover Enhanced Efficiency with PrimeLine Products

Our lateral pipe lining equipment is designed to boost your company’s efficiency. For further insights into how our tools can streamline your operations and elevate your trenchless services, connect with us at PrimeLine Products today.



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