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Are you avoiding getting your sewer drains cleaned because you have heard something negative about the service? There are many sewer drain cleaning myths out there these days, and they often put homeowners just like yourself at risk. Today, we are going to learn more about five common myths so that you can avoid them.

5 Big Myths about Drain Cleaning Services in Altamonte Springs, FL

Below you will learn more about these five myths. This information will help guide you in the right direction and allow you to be better informed.

1. They are simply not needed: One of the biggest myths out there is that you simply don’t need to have your drains cleaned. Some suggest that the service is a wasted expense and that your drains will work just fine without regular cleanings. But this is far from the truth. Regular drain cleaning services will keep your sewer system working properly for many years to come.

2. You can do it on your own: Some people believe that this service can be conducted by the homeowner with no help from a professional. But the truth is only a professional sewer drain technician can properly clean a drain line. Additionally, these professionals will be the only people around that has the proper equipment to do the job.

3. It can damage your drain lines: Another myth that some people believe is that a drain cleaning service can damage your sewer lines. The truth is if done correctly and professionally, this service is highly safe and will improve your drain lines. So if someone tells you this myth, make sure to set them straight about the issue.

4. It won’t remove roots: Some homeowners believe that a regular drain cleaning will do nothing for the roots that are growing in their sewer line. They think that roots are no match for a drain cleaning service and should be removed using a different method. But the truth is the tools used in drain cleaning are very powerful. One tool, in particular, a water jet uses the power of water pressure to blast away roots and other blockages that might be slowing down your drain.

5. Proper cleaning requires digging: Some feel that the only way to get a sewer drain completely clean is by digging it up. This myth has been going around for many years and is totally false. Today’s drain cleaning services can be conducted without any digging which will help preserve your lawn and landscape.

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If you have not had your drains cleaned lately, it’s time to have them done. Not only will it improve your sewer’s drain flow, it will remove any waste that may be clogging up your line as well. This highly affordable service will prolong the life of your sewer system, and give you peace of mind knowing that your drain line is at its best, which allows you to sleep better at night. So make sure to schedule a drain cleaning soon.

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