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Trenchless technology has substantially impacted the sewer and drain industry. Utilizing these ever-improving methods for rehabilitation of pipes demands the best of equipment. At PrimeLine Products, Inc., our company brings together highly experienced professionals with top of the line machinery. As a pipe professional, it is essential to keep your business practices current by investing in high-quality trenchless equipments.

The Industry is Competitive

Today’s sewer and drain professionals have a unique understanding of their customers needs. Whether you serve residential clients or commercial and industrial organizations, you need to have equipment that you can count on and that allows you to complete the job with little to no downtime. We provide a large assortment of products that cater to whatever job you are conducting as well as ensure that the sewer or drain problem you are taking care of it properly restored. Each piece of equipment we offer is safe due to our professional testing of each piece of equipment we offer. Additionally, our company provides products and training for the Trenchless Rehabilitation Industry. Because we’ve been there, we can effectively consult on diagnosing and resolving the problems your customers have. Our business offers an extensive line of merchandise with an emphasis on accuracy and prevision.

Trenchless Solutions are Innovative

There are many reasons to investing in trenchless sewer lining equipment, but one of the most valuable aspects of trenchless technology is that it is environmentally friendly. Trenchless technology supports the environment through its ability to repair pipes from within reducing time and cost of repairs. Our team at PrimeLine Products, Inc. understands what it takes to be competitive.

PrimeLine Products, Inc. has the Best Equipment for Your Business

We combine expertise, respect, comradery and the best in current equipment to support your work in the industry. Our company makes sure you can take care of your customers. We stand behind our products and service. Regardless of the size or complexity of the job, our company helps you get the job done. We are able to assist your company in getting what you need. If you want to be competitive and offer the best in the industry, let us help. The plumbing of today demands a large skill set. We understand what today’s customers want. Contact our team to discuss how we can help you today.



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