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At PrimeLine Products, Inc., we pride ourselves in offering the best equipment for sewer and drain repair and replacement. Your company should never have been inconvenienced by old or dysfunctional equipment that prevents you from servicing customers in your area. If your equipment is failing on you, missing parts, or prohibiting you from conducting the smallest of repairs, it is time to for you to upgrade your sewer and drain tools. We want industry professionals to be provided with equipment that they can count on throughout the year as well as perform quality services on a daily basis that builds their reputation as a business. With a combination of traditional and trenchless technologies, your company can make itself the best in your service area whether you work within a city, county, state, or multiple areas across the U.S.

The products we offer at PrimeLine Products, Inc. are always affordable, long-lasting, and durable. From sewer lining systems to robotic covers, our equipment will be able to meet almost every need your business has and are made by the highest-quality materials. In addition, we are able to help your company grow by offering you equipment and training in services you may not offer already. Our company only provides customers with leading industry equipment, and we want to be the best at providing industry professionals with products they feel comfortable investing in.

What sets our company apart from other trenchless equipment providers is our own professionals who make up our PrimeLine team. Our employees have extensive backgrounds and experience in trenchless pipe repair, replacement, and concrete rehabilitation. We work with both customers and vendors to spread the knowledge and expertise that comes along with trenchless services. As a company, we value the relationship we have with our customers and vendors because they represent our products in a fair and ethical way. When investing in equipment from PrimeLine Products, Inc., we will always meet your needs and work with you, so you can be the best sewer and drain experts possible. In a time where traditional methods of pipe repair and replacement have become less practical, let our team help you invest in top-of-the-line sewer and drain equipment today.

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