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Sewer lateral systems are becoming more important in the industry of trenchless pipelines, and if you’ve done some research, you already know why lateral piping is essential. If you’re just starting to get familiar with trenchless pipe systems, here’s a quick explanation of what sewer lateral systems are:

What are lateral pipelines?

The lateral pipeline in a sewer system connects each individual home or business sewer line to the main sewer system. This pipeline is crucial for the removal of waste water. Because the pipelines in a sewer lateral system are used so often, they’re more susceptible to damage than other types of pipelines in a sewer system.

How do you know if your pipelines need to be repaired?

In general, sewer systems need to be replaced approximately every 40 years. Sometimes, certain pipes are even older than the main system, which means that you may need to make smaller repairs before then. Most people notice that their sewer lateral system needs to be repaired, because they notice moldy, musty smells near piping, or because a pipe starts to leak. Structural damage can occur even if a small amount of water leaks into the walls unnoticed.

How can repairs be made?

Trenchless pipe repairs are a great way to fix issues in a sewer lateral system. This less invasive method of pipeline restoration is much quieter — a huge benefit for businesses and schools — and specific problem can be targeted for repairs efficiently.

How much will repairs cost?

Trenchless rehabilitation typically costs about 30-50% more than conventional digging, but you’ll save thousands of dollars in the long run because you won’t have to pay for restorative work on your property. If you make sure to have your sewer system regularly inspected, you’ll be able to take preventative measures before a big problem appears. Inspections typically cost around $250 to $350, which might seem expensive, but is actually much cheaper than what you’d pay for an emergency pipe repair.

Remember, most major sewer repairs aren’t easy to plan for. Many property owners find themselves dealing with an emergency situation because they neglected to get sewer inspections. When it comes to your sewer lateral system, it definitely pays to do your research ahead of time!



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