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Top-Quality Trenchless Pipe Lining Equipment

If you’re searching for top-quality trenchless equipment for sale, PrimeLine Products has what you need. What’s more, our company has had the highest quality standards for over 20 years. Take a moment to learn more about our trenchless pipe lining selections.

Product Features

Our products include pipe lining systems, which provide clients with everything necessary for pipe rehabilitation. The state-of-the-art equipment we offer for use with these systems includes:

  • Cutting tools to create entry points
  • Cleaning equipment to clean the affected pipe before the liner is inserted
  • Epoxy pipe lining products so the lining materials can be applied

We have what’s needed for practically every type of trenchless CIPP project. This includes products needed for both residential and commercial pipe lining.

Trenchless equipment for sale from PrimeLine Products includes convenient kits. These kits include drop cloths, pre-measured silicate resin, gloves, a mixing pail, a protective tube for the carrier packer, and other essential supplies. Our selection also includes:

  • MaxLiner lateral lining system materials
  • Liner guns
  • Lateral connection repair equipment
  • Pipeline plugs
  • Testing equipment
  • Robotic cutters

For cleaning prior to liner insertion, we offer Lumberjack cutters, the Jaws series for times when increased water speed is needed, and Monro-Jet surface cleaning equipment. We also carry high-flow Orca nozzles, BL Swiper sewer nozzles, and powerful C-Ray nozzles that target debris at the bottom of pipes.

For lining, we have Max WovoLiner tubes that are excellent for transitions in pipes and available in diameters ranging from 3-8 inches. Calibration hoses come in diameters that start at 3 inches and continue to 12 inches. Our preliners can be purchased in diameters ranging from 3-12 inches.

Ideal for 45-degree bends, our Max FlexLiner tubes come in the same diameters. For straight shots, there’s the Maxliner Tube with fiberglass scrim, available in diameters ranging from 3-8 inches. PrimeLine Products also offers the SuperFlex Tube, which is available in diameters ranging from 3-8 inches. These are designed to handle multiple bends.

The PrimeLiner Resin we offer is extremely durable. It’s chemical resistant and designed to stand up to long-term use.


Quality is the main benefit of our trenchless equipment. We have a wide selection of cleaning and lining products that can be used to handle the various aspects of the pipe lining process.

Our epoxy pipe lining products can also be used in different situations, including instances where pipes bend and twist. Our vast inventory of cutting tools is beneficial since these tools are designed to effortlessly create appropriately sized access points.

The equipment we offer for our pipe lining systems offers several important advantages. Everything is designed to help plumbing contractors do their job efficiently and effectively. In addition, our prices are fair and our customer support is second-to-none.

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Get the top-quality trenchless equipment you need today from PrimeLine Products. Our experienced staff is here to help you find what you need to complete your trenchless projects. We’re a family-owned and -operated company with more than 20 years of experience. Our customers also benefit from accurate estimates and employees who are drug-tested and background-checked and professionally trained and certified.

Contact PrimeLine Products today to learn more about our trenchless pipe lining equipment. We look forward to providing the solutions you need.

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