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Our Wide Range of Trenchless Equipment for Sale at PrimeLine Products

As the trusted trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider, PrimeLine Products recognizes that our customers are critical to our success. Our priority is providing top-quality products for plumbing professionals at competitive prices.

The trenchless repair and restoration market has continued to evolve and grow. A common difficulty for contractors in meeting this demand, however, is finding high-quality and reliable trenchless and pipeline equipment that matches their high level of standards and allows them to provide premier services for their clients.

Fortunately, our team is highly experienced in trenchless and pipeline rehabilitation. We also take pride in having a comprehensive selection of top-brand trenchless equipment for sale. We’re national distributors of nearly any kind of equipment by leading manufacturers, including cutters, lining equipment, materials, accessories, and more.

MaxLiner Lining System for Laterals

The MaxLiner system utilizes a trenchless CIPP composite tube of felt and heat-cured or ambient-cured epoxy or silicate resin. This inverts along the entire length of a lateral pipe, creating a second durable interior pipe that restores leaking or broken laterals. The two-person-operated MaxLiner is light and portable and fits in a service vehicle. System components include the Liner Gun, the MaxCutter, and the MaxLiner HotKick curing heater.

Picote Trenchless Solutions

Picote is a leading innovator in specialized trenchless equipment. PrimeLine Products provides clients with:

  • Lateral Cutters – These include the Smart Cutter, Pipe Cutter, Ultra Flex Cutter, Twister Mini, and Twister Express. These reinstate lined-over connections, remove overshoots, open access, and more.
  • Drain Cleaning Equipment – This clears obstructions with the Maxi, Midi and Mini Millers, the Mini Cleaner, the PVC Twister, and more.
  • Collapsed Liner Removal – This includes the Twister Liner Remover and the Smart Sweeper, both designed to clear out lining projects.
  • Coating Systems – These allow contractors to complete several corrosion-resistant lining processes per day.


These are great for pneumatic operation, preparing pipes for rehabilitation, and clearing obstructions and debris. Dancutters open access to laterals and branch pipes, and thus are helpful to contractors working on municipal wastewater systems. These cutters facilitate work on both vertically and horizontally oriented pipes with one or more 45- to 90-degree bends.

PrimeLiner Sectional Lining

Trenchless pipe lining systems from PrimeLine Products can handle large and small jobs, from a thirteen-foot repair to a four-foot restoration, and at diameters ranging from 4 inches to 36 inches. Sectional lining materials, on the other hand, can repair single pipe sections without digging.

Trelleborg Lateral Connection Repair

Changes in diameter and multiple bends in lateral connections open up the potential for cracks, misalignments, tree root invasion, and more. These can lead to inflow and infiltration, leaks, mold and mildew, bad smells, and structural damage.

The Epros DrainLCR-B repairs small laterals, and the LCR-S repairs and seals interfaces and connections between mains and laterals up to 600 mm into a lateral. They both work by inserting a repair unit, pushing it to the repair point, and inflating a liner saturated with resin into the connection, lining, and repairing the interior.

PrimeLiner Lateral Lining Materials and Accessories

The pipe lining materials at PrimeLine Products are designed to seamlessly and quickly complete jobs for commercial, industrial, residential, institutional, and municipal projects. They include:

  • Liner Tubes – These consist of the Max WovoLiner, PreLiner, Calibration Hose, Max FlexLiner, Maxliner with fiberglass scrim, and the SuperFlex. These tubes range from three inches to eight or twelve inches in diameter and specialize in bends, transitions, and straightshots.
  • Liner Resin – This is a patented, two-component, and ambient-cure silicate resin that exhibits outstanding temperature and chemical-resistant properties. An adjustable 15 to 90-minute pot life permits time for saturation and it cures in place between one and seven hours.
  • Epoxy Coating – Our epoxy pipe lining products create a versatile and extremely durable pipe-lining application that is chemical-resistant and nearly impervious to tree roots, corrosion, and other problems.

PrimeLine Products also carries additional trenchless pipe lining equipment, such as pneumatic and mechanical plugs, testing equipment that includes units for smoke testing and vacuum air testing, deflection gauges, and a comprehensive line of accessories.

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