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Florida is a huge market with a high level of competition, and to reach success, it’s important to be on the lookout for extra quality goods, and to maintain your pipes and keep your business thriving, you’re going to need the best cured in place pipe supplier. At PrimeLine Products we offer you trusted brands that will allow you to take your business to a whole new level.


Why Trenchless?

Vastly superior to anything that came before, trenchless technology saves both time and effort. The traditional excavation method is becoming a thing of the past while our no-dig solutions are becoming the new standard. Trenchless technology still relies on intricate equipment to be installed, but with our products, we can help your business prosper.

As more and more home and business owners discover the no-dig method, they become excited at the prospect of it. Trenchless method is way less labor intensive, using much less manpower and machinery. As a result, it also costs less both for you and your customers. With the trusted supplier having your back, you have every reason to make the transition for the trenchless CIPP technology.

Experience at Your Service

Unique among CIPP suppliers in Florida, we boast of extensive background in the industry on both ends. Drawing from our experience as contractors we know all the trials and tribulations of running a successful business in The Sunshine State. Our products are therefore cherry-picked for their field quality as well as their trustworthiness. At PrimeLine Products we are looking to forge a trust chain between you, us, and the service we provide.

Our Brands

Having a wide spectrum of quality products under our wing, we seek to be as far-reaching as possible. Our list of products is endless, and we offer some of the most comprehensive brands:

  • Picote Solutions
  • Quik-shot™ Lining System
  • MaxLiner Lining System

We offer to train plumbers free of charge to use these packages effectively, as each of them are similar but operate differently.

Contact Us

The choice of your CIPP Lining equipment supplier will make or break your Florida plumbing business. With PrimeLine Products you can be sure of getting tried and tested equipment that has proven resilient under high pressure. Call us today and see what we have in store for you.

Brands we Provide