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Primeline Products Chimney Seals

FlexRib Manhole Frame Chimney Seals from PrimeLine Products

When it comes to repairing plumbing and sewer lines, your customers count on you to do the best, using only the best. That means using Trelleborg joint seals and manhole seals. This is the perfect opportunity to rely on PrimeLine Products.

As the top trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider, PrimeLine Products offers FlexRib frame – chimney seals, which block precipitation inflow with a watertight seal between the manhole cone top and the frame casting. These work perfectly with any trenchless design or repair since the easy-to-install FlexRib requires no excavation.

The FlexRib Manhole Frame – Chimney Seal eliminates infiltration and wet weather inflow by creating a watertight seal between the frame casting and the top of the manhole cone.

The grade adjustment area of the manhole has been proven to be the single largest source of infiltration and inflow in the collection system. This area of the manhole is the first part of the structure to suffer from deterioration caused by freeze/thaw cycles, traffic loading, thermal expansion, and contraction of the surrounding pavement and other external forces.

  • Patented Waveband creates the most effective seal available by concentrating the compressive force of the expansion band. The rubber is captured between the band and the concrete or casting.
  • The FlexRib is easily installed in new or existing manholes without excavation
  • Ribbed design allows the seal to move vertically and/or laterally while maintaining a watertight seal
  • Available in 5 widths – 6″, 8.5″, 10.5″, 12″ & 9.25″ extension
  • Warranted for 50 years

The FlexRib frame – chimney seal is extruded from a premium quality rubber compound and the stainless steel wavebands are designed to perform in the corrosive environment of the sanitary sewer.

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What Makes FlexRib Different

The FlexRib design uses Waveband technology to create an effective seal by concentrating the expansion band’s compressive force. Between the concrete or casting and the band, rubber captures debris. These seals come in five widths to suit any sewer repair job. Choose from six-inch, 8.5-inch, 10.5-inch, 12-inch and 9.25-inch extension pipe.

Unlike typical external pipe joint seals or manhole seals, the FlexRib design uses ribbed material that lets the seal move laterally or vertically to maintain water tightness. This design includes stainless steel wavebands and premium quality rubber compound that performs admirably in corrosive environments such as a sanitary sewer. FlexRib manhole chimney seals provide a 50-year warranty.

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