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Trelleborg External Joint Seals prevent infiltration at joints in pipe and manholes by bridging the joint with a flexible rubber seal and compressing the rubber against the outside diameter of the pipe or manhole on either side of the joint with compression bands. Installation is frequently performed in new installation and repair where new pipe or manhole sections are spliced into place.

  • Install on concrete, reinforced concrete, PVC, HDPE and most other pipe types
  • Effective up to 70 feet external head pressure
  • Material Properties comply with ASTM C923

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One guarantee with the use of above-ground and below-ground pipes is that they will need repair at some point. The same goes for chimney stacks, manholes, and any other wetwell structures. It demands attention at times and can leave your customers with repair needs not many companies can offer. You can be ahead of the demand by investing in equipment from PrimeLine Products, such as our external pipe joint seals. These are sure to meet the needs of your company and your clients.

Product Features Designed to Help You Offer More Services

Are you unable to offer reliable services due to a lack of high-quality trenchless and pipeline equipment? Every product we provide is designed by experts with years of experience and knowledge in the field of pipe sealing, joint sealing, and trenchless pipe rehabilitation. You can get everything you need when you start offering these today.

  • Trelleborg joint seals and manhole seals are made in a wide selection of diameters to fit all sizes of pipes and manholes.
  • Our Flexrib frame – chimney seals, on the other hand, provide the right strength and durability. These are designed to extend the life of any chimney.
  • We also offer materials for internal joint seal. These are sure to provide the secure repair and rehabilitation your client needs to stay in operation.

Product and Equipment Specifications Offering Project Flexibility

PrimeLine Products has engineered sealing products designed to rehabilitate concrete, metal pipes, as well as other types of piping composition. It can be applied on wet or dry surfaces and holds for the lifetime of the pipe when properly installed. These specifications offer you true flexibility in the types of pipes you can service without environmental interference. Choose high-performance coatings that are easy to apply and offer your client a quick return to normal operation. You can even apply the sealant product by hand using a trowel. It’s one of the most innovative products to hit the market for pipe repair and rehabilitation.

Benefits of PrimeLine Products and Equipment

Everyone at PrimeLine Products is professionally trained and certified and has the experience you need to make the products you want. Our company has maintained the highest quality standards for over 20 years in business. You can also count on every liner end seal product to be durable, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Rest assured that we are a trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider with an understanding of what it takes to get in easy, provide solid repairs, and move on to the next job. Our equipment gives you a way to keep work flowing without interruption.

One of the biggest advantages of PrimeLine Products is the ability our range of equipment gives you to diversify the services you offer to customers. It’s the perfect time to expand the services you offer and quit leaving money on the table.

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Contact us today to find out more about all our pipe sealing products and trenchless repair equipment. We are confident that our products are exactly what you’re looking for to get started in the field of pipe sealing and rehabilitation. Call PrimeLine Products today to schedule your consultation. You may also buy online now by checking out our contact form. We also offer:

  • Trelleborg Joint Seals & Manhole Seals
  • Flexrib Frame – Chimney Seals
  • Internal Joint Seals
  • Liner End Seal

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