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Clients who are looking for simple installation by professionally trained and certified professional technicians want top-quality products. That being said, purchasing mechanical pipeline plugs from PrimeLine Products will prove to be beneficial.


Our team can provide you with a variety of mechanical plugs. Some of their primary features include:

  • No release of inflation pressure.
  • Tightens rim nuts around the pipe plug
  • Allows for full-pressure restraint during testing and maintenance.

Our business, which has been family-owned and operated for over 20 years, provides customers with 8 different pipeline plugs, including pneumatic plugs. Our most popular, the Original Gripper, has both in-pipe and end-of-pipe designs to make it easy to find and usable on a variety of different piping systems and needs.


Utilizing pipeline plug tools and accessories from PrimeLine Products in your next repair project affords you many benefits. Most commonly, customers receive even more accurate estimates and short turnaround times for project completion.

There are multiple advantages to the mechanical plug. With a variety of trenchless and pipeline equipment to choose from, our clients will find that these are best for their customers who seek versatility and simplicity.


PrimeLine Products has had the highest quality standards for over 20 years. As a top-rated trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider, we encourage clients to reach out to us if they have questions about our products or services. We take pride in our drug-tested and background-checked technicians who make sure every product we offer, from pneumatic plugs to pipeline plugs, are of the highest quality. Call us to schedule a consultation or fill out our form to buy online today. We look forward to being your industry-leading partner in providing cost-effective trenchless solutions for your customers.

Original Gripper® Plugs

Cherne’s Gripper plugs can be used in a variety of applications including DWV (drain, waste and vent) testing and stack testing. End-of-the-pipe design won’t fall in, whereas the Inside-of-the-pipe design allows you to locate the plug inside the pipe as far as you need. Time tested, the Gripper® remains one of the most popular mechanical plugs on the market.

Hub-Fit Gripper® Plugs

Hub-Fit Gripper® Plug Features:

  • Ideal for use in hub fittings and in bell-end pipe
  • Pressure rated for conducting DWV tests
  • Made with glass-reinforced ABS plastic
  • Yellow color for greater visibility in pipe
  • Natural rubber o-ring for positive seal

Clean-Out Gripper® Plugs

Clean-Out Gripper® Plug Features:

  • Guaranteed to seal any and all damaged threads
  • Made with glass-reinforced ABS plastic
  • Black color blends well with cast-iron pipe
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • NPT sizes, including hard-to-find 3 1/2″
  • Patented natural rubber threaded o-ring for positive seal

T-Handle Aluminum Gripper® Plugs

T-Handle Aluminum Gripper® Plug Features:

  • Ideal for long-term applications
  • 6″ – 12″ plugs are sized for concrete, clay, and SDR 26 and 35 pipe
  • 15″ and 18″ plugs are sized for concrete and clay pipe sizes only
  • Available with or without bypass
  • Can be used for sewer air pressure tests

Iron-Grip™ Bypass Plugs

Iron Grip™ Bypass Mechanical Plug Features:

  • Easy, tool-free installation
  • For permanent or temporary use
  • For use in water and air sewer testing
  • Cast-iron design

Econ-O-Grip® Plugs

Econ-O-Grip® Plug Features:

  • Cost-effective method for plugging open ended pipe
  • Works well as a pipe dust cover

Petro Econ-O-Grip® Plugs

Petro Econ-O-Grip® Plug Features:

  • Cost-effective, chemical-resistant plug
  • Works well as a pipe dust cover

Sure-Grip® Plugs

Sure-Grip® Plug Features:

  • Polypropylene construction
  • Fits all types of pipe at nominal sizes
  • Permanent or temporary use
Primeline Products Kwik ‘N Sure Plugs

Kwik ‘N Sure Plugs

Kwik ‘N Sure® Plug Features:

  • Works in all types of pipe
  • Ideal for plugging water line stub-outs
  • Designed for high pressure applications

Monitor-Well Locking Plugs

Monitor-Well Locking Plug Features:

  • Designed to seal monitor wells
  • Meets all EPA requirements for locking plugs
  • Sized to seal schedule 40 piping
  • 2″ and 4″ sizes can also seal schedule 5 pipe
  • Works with Cherne´s solid brass padlock or a No. 2 Master® padlock

Plastic Test Caps

Plastic Test Caps Features:

  • Deeper design provides stronger, leak-free connections
  • Knock-out center prevents cap from sliding down a line
  • Keeps hands free of solvent cement


Test-Kap® Features:

  • Made of flexible PVC
  • Stainless steel hose clamp – will not rust
  • Can be used on plastic, steel, copper, and cast iron pipe

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