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PrimeLiner EM – Epoxy Mortar

PrimeLiner EM - Epoxy Mortar

PrimeLiner EM is the industry leader in anti-microbial epoxy mortar technology. The liner contains a broad spectrum anti-microbial that that protects the material from mold, mildew and bacterial growth*. Product is also formulated to be extremely chemically resistant, (almost 1,000 times more resistant to chemical environments than Calcium Aluminate based cements). The cross link of the epoxy matrix creates a dense liner that protects substrate from the harsh environment typically found in waste water infrastructure.


  • Increases concrete corrosion resistance dramatically
  • Maintainable, repairable system
  • Easy application by hand, or spray pump (See below for details)
  • Excellent solution for damp environments
  • Single coat application (Self Priming)
  • Interior or exterior applications
  • Excellent economical solution
  • Excellent adhesion of topcoats (Polyurea and Epoxy)

PrimeLiner Fiber Reinforced Polymer

PrimeLiner FRP - Fiber Reinforced Polymer - Data Sheet

PrimeLiner FRP: An advanced next generation, 100% solids, ultra high-build, high-strength structural Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) for the protection of steel and concrete. Designed to be used as a standalone structural liner or in conjunction with other PrimeLiner repair materials. Suitable for use in all stages in the wastewater collection and processing system. Exhibits excellent hydrostatic pressure chemical and abrasion resistance making it ideal for these harsh environments.

Typical Uses

PrimeLiner FRP is designed to protect, line and rehabilitate sanitary sewer collection system assets, and other underground structures. Ideal for structures in contact with extreme H2S and in need of aggressive I&I mitigation.


PrimeLiner FRP is designed to be applied easily by hand trowel or sprayed on by heat-ed, plural component spray pump.

High Performance Coatings

  • Use to fill, repair, patch, and/or to resurface and line (all-in-one-shot)
  • Eliminates infiltration/exfiltration (sealed system – NOT cementitious, no porosity/permeability)
  • No investment in heavy equipment (simply mix and trowel-apply)
  • Easy-to-mix, easy-to-apply, premeasured kits
  • Minimal downtime, rapid return to service
  • No need for sand blasting (water blast instead)
  • Ultra-high build, no sag (apply up to half-inch per pass)
  • Structural (16,000 psi compressive strength)
  • Self-priming, highly adhesive and forgiving
  • Moisture tolerant (can even cure in wet conditions while in service)
  • Repairable, ties back into itself indefinitely
  • Chemical resistant, including H2S
  • Proven (over 20 years at Miami-Dade Water & Sewer)
  • Holds back roots
  • Tolerant to ground movement, and traffic vibration
  • Environmentally friendly, no VOCs, no solvents



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