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Picote Connection Collar System from PrimeLine Products

PrimeLine Products takes pride in providing all the trenchless equipment that contractors need for all kinds of projects. Among the solutions that our clients can provide for their customers is for lateral connection repair, and we believe that the Picote Connection Collar System is exactly what they need to achieve their goals. Be sure to reach out to our team today!

The Role of Lateral Connection Repair Services

A crack or separation that occurs where a lateral sewer line connects to the main sewer line can pose serious problems. In the past, repairing these difficult-to-access leaks required complete excavation of lawns, landscaping, sidewalks, and even roadways. Picote’s Connection Collar System makes this kind of property destruction a thing of the past by providing a fast, cost-efficient, and non-destructive method of repairing lateral connection points without having to dig up and expose the line.

The Features of the Picote Connection Collar System

The Picote Connection Collar System can be used in unlined sewer pipes of all materials as well as in pipes that have been previously outfitted with epoxy pipe liners. Numerous sizes and configurations are available to fit standard T- and Y-intersections as well as double connections. The device can be installed from the lateral line or the sewer main. An inspection performed with a sewer line camera will ensure proper placement and orientation. After installation, the adhesives that hold and seal the collar can be activated by steam and allowed to cure for a brief period before the lateral line is returned to service.

A Look at the Numbers

  • Main Line Pipe Diameters: DN100-225 (4-9″)
  • Connection Pipe Diameters: DN50-225 (2-9″)
  • Normal Air Pressure: 0.3—1.5 bar (4.4-21.8 psi)

Why We Recommend the Picote Connection Collar System

The Picote Connection Collar System incorporates numerous features that make installation easy and straightforward. Unique markings help to make sure that the device is oriented properly, and customized installation rods are available to push the collar into place and adjust its position. The entire installation process can also generally be completed from start to finish in less than a day.

Reasons to Trust PrimeLine Products

PrimeLine Products has been a distributor of premium installation, repair, and maintenance supplies for use by wastewater collection and maintenance service providers for more than 20 years. The trenchless repair industry is one of our special focus areas, and we’re pleased to offer an array of quality trenchless products that enable our customers to provide first-rate work for the clients that they serve. Our wide-ranging selection includes grouts and grouting supplies, manhole rehabilitation products, pipe liners, installation equipment, and so much more. All our products and equipment come with comprehensive training conducted by skilled, professionally certified members of our team as well as additional educational resources to promote proper usage and optimal results.

Try the Picote Connection Collar System Today

Give PrimeLine Products a call to request more information on the Picote Connection Collar System for lateral line repairs or to inquire about any of the other trenchless products that we offer. You may also head over to our online store to make a purchase today!

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