For more than 20 years, PrimeLine Products has been a reliable source of top-quality lateral pipe lining supplies and equipment. Our high-quality standards extend to the lateral pipe lining products that we offer. Our professionally trained and certified team is ready to help you find what you need to complete your projects.


Lateral trenchless and pipeline equipment from PrimeLine Products will help you get your residential, commercial, or industrial lateral lining jobs done efficiently. The lateral lining products we offer include:

  • Liner tubes: Available in various sizes, the liner tubes we offer support different stages of the lateral lining process.
  • Lateral resin: One of the essential lateral lining materials is high-quality resin designed to be durable yet flexible for multiple application possibilities.
  • Materials for lateral connection repair: When rehabilitating sewer-to-house lateral connections, you’ll need the right lateral connection repair supplies, since this is a common spot for tree root invasions. We have the packers you’ll need for the liner to properly and safely reach these connection points.

MaxLiner is highly regarded in the industry for producing state-of-the-art cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining systems. This is why we carry their MaxLiner lateral lining equipment, allowing contractors to reline pipes quickly and affordably.


Our lateral pipe lining equipment is formulated in a way that allows for optimal results. These materials are uniquely resistant to common chemicals that tend to go through underground pipes. With liner tubes and related accessories that can be used for lateral lining projects, available options include:

  • Max WovoLiner tubes: These tubes are good for areas where there are multiple bends or 90-degree bends. They come in 3-8″ diameter tubes.
  • Calibration hoses: The durable hoses we offer are available in diameters ranging from 3-12 inches.
  • Preliners: Also available in 3-12″ diameters, our pre-liners are designed to improve the quality of the application process.

We also offer Maxliner tubes with fiberglass scrims for straight shots and SuperFlex tubes for multiple and 90-degree bends. For 45-degree bends, go with our Max FlexLiner tubes.


Top-quality trenchless and pipeline equipment has many benefits you can pass along to your customers. These benefits also make it easier for companies to plan and complete projects involving lateral lining techniques.

The liner resin we offer, for instance, is resistant to temperature fluctuations, but it doesn’t have any chemical odor. Additionally, it’s an ambient resin, so it’s not dependent on light or heat. Ambient curing systems are also easy to use and an economical approach to lateral lining your customers will surely appreciate.


Our lateral pipe lining supplies are affordably priced, but this is just one of many advantages to keep in mind. These products are also designed with long-term use in mind. When you purchase these products for your lateral lining needs, you’ll be showing your customers that you are committed to value and quality.


PrimeLine Products is a trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider that’s been family-owned and -operated for more than 20 years. We ensure accurate estimates at all times. All our employees are drug-tested and background-checked for your added peace of mind.

Contact us today to stock up on the lateral pipe lining supplies you need. Feel free to call us or fill out the form on this site to consult our team today.

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