As the leading trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider today, PrimeLine Products makes sure to offer cutting-edge pipe restoration and rehabilitation equipment to trenchless pipelining contractors. Our team of experts works in partnership with several of the best equipment manufacturers in North America and the industry, including MaxLiner. They are a leader in cured-in-place (CIPP) technology, providing a fast and affordable way to reline your clients’ pipes with professionalism and speed.


Pipe lining equipment by MaxLiner is unique in its adaptability to various circumstances, allowing professionals to put together creative solutions for given tasks. The system works with only two operators. It’s light, easy to move, and fits in a transport vehicle.

MaxLiner lateral lining effectively creates a new pipe within an existing pipe by inverting a felt tube impregnated with ambient-cure epoxy or silicate resin along the length of the existing broken or leaking pipe, restoring its integrity. We offer various components of the MaxLiner system, so you can invest in each piece of equipment and keep an inventory of what you have. The MaxLiner system components include:

  • The Liner Gun – The Lining Gun restores difficult-to-access drains, such as verticals from roofs, pools, or basements, and creates a quality cured-in-place lining. It is comprised of adapter machines, hoses, an inversion machine, and a control unit.
  • The Max MicroCutter – The Max Cutter is a pneumatic device that can be steered around 90-degree turns and incorporates a part-turn gearbox for high-precision cutting.
  • The MaxLiner HotKick – The Max HotKick is a mobile system for hot-water curing. The propane-fueled system with a manometer and recirculating pump rehabilitate pipelines at a diameter of up to eight inches. It’s portable and affordable and considerably shortens epoxy hardening times.

Additionally, we provide adapter rings, control box & plugs, calibration roller, digital scales, and vacuum pumps to make sure the cured-in-place pipe lining process is conducted in the most efficient way possible.


When you invest in lateral lining equipment, you are able to build the reputation of your business and become a leader in your service area by providing your customers with services that they can trust. Not only do we test the equipment we sell for its accuracy, but we also provide you with training, so you know how to use the equipment properly. Offering cured-in-place pipe lining allows your business to be an industry competitor that does not need to conduct excavation services to repair sewer and drain lines. Instead, your customers will be able to keep their properties intact while you repair their pipe systems. All of the equipment we sell at PrimeLine Products is regularly tested to make sure that the products you invest in will always get the job done right.

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