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At PrimeLine Products, we take pride in providing an array of solutions for those in the trenchless services industry. One such application is chemical grouting. This is an innovative solution that can be used for a variety of applications.

This product is often used to repair pore spaces in loose granular soils, as well as to stop and prevent future water leaks, to raise damaged sections of concrete slabs, for manhole and joint sealing, and for filling voids in the ground such as sinkholes.

Here at PrimeLine Products, we provide a full line of chemical grouting supplies. Part of our aim in meeting the needs of our clients is to make sure that they benefit from high-quality chemical grouting accessories and equipment. Rest assured that our solutions are versatile for all your projects.

Chemical grouting works for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipality structures by creating a flexible cemented bond that permeates deep into voids and cracks and provides an excellent medium for soil stabilization.


The AV-202 Multigrout is categorized as a single component that can be used in conjunction with the AV-219 Fibrotite™ or AV215 Resin Rod™ (oakum) systems. This is a polyurethane injection resin that is moisture-activated and engineered for sealing stubborn water leaks in large joints or cracks in concrete structures. It is a tough and impermeable foam that has excellent adhesive properties, and it can absorb up to 12 times its volume when used in underwater applications.

  • Appearance: brown resin
  • Specific gravity: 1.090 @ 72°F (22°C) ± 3%
  • Density: 9.09 lbs. ± 3% (1.090 kg/L ± 3%) per gallon
  • Viscosity: 3,200 to 6,000 cP / @ 77°F (25°C)
  • Flash point: 253.4°F (123°C)
  • Expansion rate: 400 to 600%
  • ANSI/ NSF 61-Certified: for potable water

This product is ideal for concrete floors, crack injection, and more. It also works when a high-viscosity application is required or when high-volume water is present and is an active problem, making this system perfect for pipe penetrations and manhole sealing as well as for moving concrete joints and large cracks.

The AV-202 Multigrout system can address different needs and be used the same day. Unlike conventional mud-jacking techniques, Avanti chemical grouting doesn’t require the use of excavation equipment. In most cases, repairs can be done the same day and ready for use within hours.


Much like other construction applications such as painting, drywall, and carpentry, the AV-202 Multigrout may require the use and basic knowledge of the following trenchless and pipeline equipment:

  • Caulking Gun – This is a tool used to house tubes of liquid materials and dispenses it out of the tip of the tube by squeezing the lever.
  • Combi Packers – These steel packers are designed for injecting chemicals.
  • Injection Ports – These steel port pipes are generally inserted into the pre-drilled holes during chemical grout injections.
  • Minibooster Pump – This is an oscillating pressure intensifier that can be mounted and used on hydraulic systems with low pressure.
  • Oakum – his refers to the use of a tarred fiber utilized to fill gaps and cracks.
  • Strainer Pipes – These refer to pipe fittings where liquids such as chemical grout are passed through for the filtering, separation, and purification of solid materials.
  • Washing Agent – This is a product that is designed to clean tools, equipment, and hands from the intended product used.
  • ULTRA 395 and 495 Pumps – These are high viscosity displacement pumps often referred to as airless paint sprayers.


Reach out to the leading and certified trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider, PrimeLine Products. We specialize in providing high-quality equipment for commercial, industrial, and municipality infrastructures.

For the best selection of accessories and equipment coupled with a large inventory of commercial grouting products, contact PrimeLine Products today for more information. Be sure to call us or fill out the online form to schedule your consultation. We look forward to meeting your chemical grouting needs and more.