Sewer Lining Systems

Sewer pipes can begin to deteriorate for a variety of reasons. Heavy use, inclement weather, and age are among some of the conditions that cause pipes to break or crack. When there is a distinct discrepancy in your sewer system, you need to repair it immediately before a plumbing disaster strikes. One of the best ways to approach this is with sectional lining.

Sewer lining systems do just as their name implies: they are designed to reline an old sewer pipe with a new, more durable pipe to seal up any imperfections. Sectional lining uses the same approach, but focuses on the section in need of repair instead of total sewer line rehabilitation. The team at PrimeLine Products can provide the materials you need for any pipe problem, however extensive it may be.

The pipe lining process begins by first clearing out the old pipe of any blockages. Next, the technicians pull an epoxy-saturated liner through the interior of the host pipe. The liner is then inflated to fill any breaks that compromise the pipe’s integrity, forming a completely seamless seal along the old pipe walls. What starts out as a liquid will cure into a hardened pipe in just a few short hours. After it is set, the liner is pulled away to reveal a brand new section of durable pipe. Sewer lining systems ensure that your old pipes are restored, eliminating any defects that could lead to greater problems.

Our team is equipped with a full inventory of pipe relining products to get the job done. From carrier packers to fiberglass material and high quality resin, we offer a variety of solutions for any pipe rehabilitation project. In doing so, we hope to hold true to our mission of delivering the highest quality products while properly addressing the individual needs of each customer.

Rapid changes in weather can cause major problems with a sewer system. Heavy downpours, hard freezes, even earthquakes seem to be more and more common these days. These conditions can cause a great deal of damage to residential and commercial sewer and drain systems. As a plumbing contractor, you know the challenges these situations present. At Primeline Products we want to introduce you to a whole new way of providing pipe rehabilitation services to your customers. We provide equipment and supplies for trenchless technologies. Trenchless repairs require specialized equipment that can change the way you do business.

How Trenchless Sewer Lining Systems Work

Trenchless technology is a plumbing repair method that does not require excavation. As a result, it is easier and cheaper for you to offer this solution to your customers. It is also cheaper for your customers to perform with long-lasting results. A trenchless sewer lining system is the no-dig alternative to pipe repairs. Instead of digging out a pipe with cracks or leaks, a lining is used to remedy the situation. The lining is set inside the pipe that requires repair and once it is cured, it hardens and takes the form of an inner lining of the existing pipe. It is a faster and more effective way to repair an underground pipe without having to remove it. It also results in long-lasting repairs that won’t break down or decompose within a few years.

How Trenchless Repairs Can Help Your Plumbing Service

When you choose to expand your existing plumbing services to include trenchless technologies, we can help you with the transition. In addition to having all the equipment and supplies you need for trenchless work, we can also train you and your staff on how to use it. Our experience as contractors gives us the understanding and unique perspective into what it takes to successfully operate a plumbing service. With trenchless technologies, you will be able to expand your service and provide home and business owners with a clean, quick, and easy alternative to dig-and-replace plumbing repairs.

Let Us Guide You

Sewer lining systems are just one component in trenchless technologies. Our expert staff can provide you with the advice and guidance you require to meet your short-term and long-term business plans. Expanding into trenchless repairs will add an extra edge to your existing services and will address the ongoing shift from messy digging methods to environmentally-friendly alternatives. We can give you that competitive edge with our quality products and training programs. The products we carry are top quality and hand-picked based on factors that satisfy our high standards in manufacturing, selection and durability.

How To Reach Us

We are Primeline Products and we operate out of our main office in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Regardless of where you have your business, we can help you turn it into a successful trenchless plumbing service. In the local area you can call us at 407-772-8131 or fax us at 407-786-8131. In the surrounding area we can be reached toll free at 1-877-265-2139 or you can also send us an email for details.

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