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The ‘lateral’ is the pipe that runs from the house or a building to the sidewalk or the street. The lateral lining is the installation of brand new pips. The best part about lateral lining is that it does not need the digging up of the entire yard for the purpose of installation. It is done, inside out. That’s the main reason why it is a really useful method that does not affect the aesthetics of the landscape in any way.


The first thing that is done during lateral lining is the insertion of a liner into the existing pipe. An entry point is chosen. Usually, it is the sewer clean-out. From the sewer cleanout, a resistant epoxy liner is guided in through the pipe. With the help of the advanced trenchless machinery that is currently available, the epoxy liner is inflated.

Lateral lining is a sub-division under the new “trenchless technology”. It describes processes in which minimal or absolutely no digging is involved. The lateral lining involves only one pit at the entry point and no further digging is required for any step in the process. A huge part of the work is to be done underground. Lateral pipe lining accounts for a seamless, efficient work flow. The process is also completed in a few hours depending on the site of the work and the level of rehabilitation involved in it.


Lateral lining is usually done when there are a lot of drain problems like pooling water, disruptive odors and slow drain system. If these kinds of symptoms are being experienced, then it’s time to scrap old systems and opt for the advanced lateral lining or trenchless pipe lining. Lateral lining is an ingenious system that is built to bring pipe lining affordable for everyone and convenient as well.


Lateral lining has many major advantages that are really important from the perspective of the customer.
No excavation: Lateral lining requires only minimal or no digging. It involves making a pit only at one point, which is the point of entry.
Cost-efficient: Lateral lining reduces the cost of pipelining by considerable amounts.
Convenient: Since it requires only minimum digging, it is convenient for the owners of the place.
Saves time: Lateral lining requires only a few hours to be completed. So, it saves a large amount of time as compared to the old dig-and-replace methods and hence, it is very efficient.
Non-destructive: This method does not harm the surroundings as it involves no excavation. Hence, the natural beauty of the environment is not compromised.
Long-term reliability: The lateral lining method is completely reliable. The guarantee for it is roughly about 50 years!
With the introduction of the breakthrough new technology which is lateral lining, the pipelining is now done with complete customer satisfaction and is error-free. The adoption of this new method ensures that there’s no compromise needed from the customer in any manner.

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