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Where to Buy Pipe Lining Equipment in Florida

As a pipe contractor in Florida you know full well that very little work can be performed without the proper quality equipment. This is especially true for trenchless pipe lining, where the quality of each piece marks a difference between a job done and a job done perfectly. PrimeLine Products offers you only the finest and the latest that the trenchless equipment technology has to offer. Our products’ quality and pricing will give you just enough edge to top the fierce Florida competition.

We Know The Drill

At PrimeLine Products Inc. we pride ourselves in having an extensive background in the trenchless industry, being familiar with the intricacies of its minutest aspects. We transfer that expertise into our products and are very picky about what we offer. You’ll find nothing but the best and most reliable equipment and materials here. Here’s a rundown of our Florida services and their composing parts.

The Systems We Offer

PrimeLiner Quik-shot Lateral System:

– PrimeLine Quik-shot Inversion Unit
– PrimeLine Quik-heater
– Quik-shot Calibration Hand Roller
– Quik-shot Digital Scale
– PrimeLiner Quik-shot Kits
– Quik-shot Air Manifold
– Quik-shot Venture Vacuum system
– Quik-shot Mixing Bit
– Quik-heater Water Manifold
– Quik-heater Hoses

MaxLiner Lateral Lining System:

– Liner Gun Set comprising of Inversion Machine, Adapter Rings, Control Box and Plugs, Calibration Roller, Digital Scale and a Vacuum Pump.
– MaxCutter tool used for precision cuts available in two sizes; Mini Cutter used for pipes 4″-5″ in diameter, and Midi Cutter for those of 6″-8″.
– MaxLiner Hotkick heating unit, a versatile and lightweight piece of lining equipment. It is used for pipes of up to 8″.

Lateral Lining Materials:

-Liner Tube Equipment including max Wovo liner Tube, Calibration Hose, PreLiner, MaxLiner Tube with Fiberglass Scrim, Max FlexLiner Tube, and SuperFlex Tube
-PrimeLiner Resin whose core characteristics make it the best curing liquid available. Our ambient-cured silicate resin is perfect for lateral sewer lining with very long pot life. Needless to say, the PrimeLiner Resin is extremely sturdy and it exceeds all the ASTM requirements.

Sectional Lining tools and Equipment:

– Fiberglass Mat
– PrimeLiner Quik-pox Epoxy Resin
– PrimeLine Silicate Resin
– PrimeLine Carrier Packers
– Air Push Rods

We are also proud to present the comprehensive Picote Pipe Coating System. One of the most advanced pipe curing systems out there, Picote hardly needs any introduction. With quality equipment easy to handle and state-of-the-art resin brushing, Picote coating system system is all you’ll ever need for the successful pipe rehabilitation.

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Trenchless pipe repair work necessarily relies heavily on its equipment, trusting that it won’t fail you when most needed. With our pipe lining products you can be sure that they’ll last, performing under pressure their biggest draw card. Our products will also save you money, particularly when buying in bulk. Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us help you win one against the Florida competition and keep that edge.

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