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Professionals know that handling trenchless equipment can be dangerous in many ways. This is one of the many things to keep in mind when shopping for tools from suppliers like PrimeLine Products. Safety equipment is essential to not only the workers but the person in charge since employee protection is required by law. Here are some options to consider for safety equipment:

Head and Face Protection

When searching for trenchless equipment for sale or safety equipment for trenchless work, head and face protection are a must-have. This section of safety equipment would include things like helmets or hard hats, face shields, and visors. This is usually best for protecting the head from falling objects and things that may splash or come in contact with the face.

Hearing Protection

Some trenchless pipe lining equipment might be a bit loud, but not all methods of trenchless work are noisy. Earplugs are a great piece of equipment to have for those working in loud environments. This protects the eardrums from being damaged, as they can be very sensitive.

Reflective Clothing and Materials

When professionals use epoxy pipe lining products, they may or may not have to go out into areas where traffic usually is. If that is a part of the job, reflective clothing is essential, as it makes it easier for drivers and pedestrians to see workers when they are in operation.


Some pipe lining systems may or may not require the use of materials that give off toxic fumes. This can be dangerous for workers if they breathe these fumes in. Respirators or respirator masks are essential in this case, as they protect the nose and mouth from dangerous materials.

Protective Eyewear

Safety goggles and safety readers protect the eyes from harsh lighting, toxic materials, UV rays, flying wood chips, and other things that could get inside of the eye or impair vision. Some safety goggles can even be worn on top of contact lenses and glasses.

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