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Primeline Products Monro-Jet Surface Cleaning

Monro-Jet Surface Cleaning

The MONRO-JET™ enables you to combine the power of a solid stream pencil jet with the large coverage of a fan jet. Its lightweight and sturdy design makes it easy to use. This give you the speed and efficiency needed to compete in markets where time quickly translates to dollars.

MONRO-JET™ literally offers cutting edge technology with its circular water jet. This motion generates tremendous power at modest gpm rates allowing you to move faster whether you are surface cleaning or removing trapped debris from lines.

The MONRO-JET™ is excellent for all types of surface cleaning such as concrete, steel, castings and large surface areas including line removal from runways. Can be modified for internal pipe cleaning of sewers and pipes of all types.

MONRO-JET™ has an unique orbital design that increases performance at lower gpm rate. Circular motion of water jets increase cleaning capacity by up to 3 times the cleaning power with 10,000 psi 10gpm.

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