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Reinstatement Cutting System From PrimeLine Products

Save your pipe lining business time and money by replacing out-of-date tools with a reinstatement cutting system from PrimeLine Products. What simpler way to solve cutting issues than cutting-edge technology? Our T150 model, in particular, combines durability and user-friendliness for everyday pipe lining solutions, especially when dealing with:

  • The occurrence of regular blockages in primary pipelines
  • Increased root ingrowth
  • Crack formations in the body of the pipe
  • Displaced sleeves and pipe connections
  • Protruding sealing rings
  • Upon failing to pass the leak test
  • Damp walls, floors, rooms
  • Water damage due to defective pipe systems,
  • Penetrating water on walls and floors

Fixing pipelines under roads and highways can be difficult. It is particularly challenging in heavy traffic, but PrimeLine Products offers a solution, which is why our clients are pretty quick to avoid such inconveniences. Make sure to rely on our dynamic flex cutter system. You can repair 5″-18″ pipe diameter with little or no effort — lay new, high-quality recovery over considerable distances and cut deep without having to dig trenches.

Here is an overview of our lateral cutters:

Model: T150 ( Pull-in-Place)

Scope of use: 127 – 458 mm (5”-18”)

Cutter motor: 5.4 HP (4Kw) Water driven

Ram lift: 152mm (6”)

Rotation: 360°

Electric Fault Motor Protection: Electronic torque limiting

Spindle / Cutting Speed Rate: 25,000 RPM

CFM Requirements: 1,133 l/m (40 cfm), 10 bar (150 psi)


Depending on their application, we determine the material of sewer pipes. For example, polypropylene is better suited for connecting sewers inside a house. It has a high resistance to hot temperatures and requires specific equipment. Experienced professionals like to look for robotic cutters with enough features to handle a variety of materials easily.

An exceptional robotic reinstatement cutting system checks off all your needs. For this reason, T150 users can reline almost any type of damaged pipeline. Its wide range of features includes:

  • Simple maintenance due to an innovative Clamshell design
  • In mere minutes, you can effortlessly replace a worn ram with a spare
  • The Centered Head negotiates offsets and obstacles
  • Includes a waterproof ram compartment to prevent moisture protection
  • Electronic torque-limiting motor damage protection
  • Clearing the desk surface with a panel-mount PC-based control box
  • The Xbox controller or joystick design as an available control option
  • On-site repair available due to easy access replacement parts
  • PrimeLine Products also offers a variety of reinstatement cutting system supplies, including bits, brushes, grinding wheels, air routers, etc.

Our reinstatement cutting system equipment is meant primarily for municipal and water utilities, but can also be used in a variety of applications and for different types of clients.


When you take excavations out of the equation, pipe lining jobs require a lot less time, staff, and tools. In addition to eliminating the need for digging, you can complete projects during the winter using trenchless and pipeline equipment from PrimeLine Products. Now that every job requires fewer crew members, you reap the full benefit of having a financially lucrative business.

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