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Versatile and Cost-Saving Lateral Cutters from PrimeLine Products

Pipeline lateral cutters are essential tools for trenchless pipe repair and pipe lining. Lateral cutters are used to reinstate openings to laterals after relining, clear obstructions, or cut excess lengths of lining overshooting into mains.

Our award-winning Picote lateral cutter supplies here at PrimeLine Products help minimize costly cutting mistakes. Our company has had the highest quality standards for over 20 years as a provider of industry-leading solutions, including the Picote Smart Cutter, Pipe Cutter, Twister Express, and Twister Mini.

The Award-Winning Picote Smart Cutter

This unique and award-winning lateral cutter works with DN32 – 300 / 1¼”-12″ lines and has reinstated more than 40,000 branches in concrete, cast iron, and clay pipes across the world. The Smart Cutter trenchless and pipeline equipment is a cost-saving solution to traditional methods, capable of diameter transitions and 90-degree bends without damaging pipes. It is easy to learn, customizable, and compatible with robots. It can also remove nails, lead, fins, epoxy slugs, roots, and pipe wrinkles.

Trimming With the Pipe Cutter

The Pipe Cutter lateral cutter equipment corrects for costly measuring mistakes by easily and quickly removing excess overshoots of the cured liner when cutting through the lateral. It’s designed for DN70, 100 & 150 / 3”, 4” & 6” lines. When powered by a milling machine by Picote, the Pipe Cutter can also cut DN70 / 3″, DN100 / 4” and DN150/6” pipes, depending on machine size.

Flex Pipe Cutter

The Pipe Cutter Ultra-Flex is specialized for getting around bends just before a trimming location in the liner. This flex cutter system is a complete unit for DN200 / 8” lines and can run on the Picote Maxi Miller milling machine.

Twister Mini Express and Twister Express

Both are modifications to the original Picote Twister, first created to reinstate lined and unlined DN100, DN150/ 4″, 6″ and DN200 / 8” cast iron, plastic or clay pipes. The Twister Mini is designed for reinstating DN50/2″ and DN70/3″ clay, cast iron, and plastic pipes. Meanwhile, the Mini Express is capable of reinstating connections as much as six times quicker than the original Twister. The Mini Express currently works with lined and unlined DN100 / 4” pipelines.

Added Advantages of Robotic Cutters

Lateral pipes at small diameters tend to separate, crack and break, resulting in half the inflow of groundwater processed at sewage plants. This influx has resulted in a growing demand for relining work, which is facilitated by robotic cutters.

Our TRYDENT 80 robotic lateral cutters work with small-diameter 3”, 4” and 6” laterals. A T80 also reinstates vertical pipes and manages 45 and 90-degree bends at 100 feet. Their top features include:

  • High-powered hydraulic cutting in a small design
  • Access through rooftop vents or cleaning ports
  • Easy and quick set up and operation
  • Water hydraulics pose no hazards to the environment
  • Self-cleaning color camera in cutting head

The T150 cutting reinstatement cutting system works in 5” to 18” pipes. This revolutionary product is designed according to years of professional input and customer feedback. Key benefits include:

  • Clamshell, easy-maintenance design
  • Quick spare-ram swap
  • Obstacle negotiation with centered head
  • Watertight compartment for ram
  • Motor protection with electronic torque-limiting
  • Expansion capability with two-conductor digital control design
  • Software updates through wired connection or Wi-Fi
  • Easier onsite repair
  • Works with various bits, air routers, grinding wheels, and brushes

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PrimeLine Products has been family-owned and operated for over 20 years and has since become a leading trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider in the industry. Our professionally trained and certified representatives are drug-tested and background-checked. Make us your first choice for leading-edge lateral cutter supplies, solutions, and training. Call us today or fill out the online form to schedule your consultation or to request a quote.

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