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High-Quality Flex Cutter System from PrimeLine Products

PrimeLine Products is a full-service trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider and supplier of chemical products and specialized equipment. For more than 20 years, our company has had the highest quality standards for professional and friendly customer service and the products we provide. Our staff is professionally trained and certified, background verified, and drug-tested.

When working with any trenchless or pipeline equipment, it’s important to have a reliable flex cutter system at your disposal because relining sewer mains can create the need to reline or repair smaller diameter pipes that lead into nearby structures. Fortunately, PrimeLine Products provides the best equipment in the industry. Our products are made and designed for professional pipeline contractors and municipality field technicians.

Trenchless cutter technology for pipe rehabilitation applications today allows contractors to repair a variety of pipes without the use of heavy excavation machines. Excavation can be rather expensive and wreak havoc on landscaping. Our range of robotic cutters and other products provide fast and cost-effective solutions for pipeline rehabilitation without the mess typically associated with traditional excavation practices.


A reinstatement cutting system is designed so that spare rams can be changed out in minutes, reducing downtime and ensuring more savings. The ram compartment is watertight and provides protection against moisture coupled with precision-engineered heads, which works well for negotiating both obstacles and offsets.


A robotic flex cutter system can be used to mill, grind, and cut pipes regardless of material. It can also be used on straight sections of pipe and even bends. These cutters are specifically designed to be reliable and durable, saving our customers time and money on the job.


Robotic cutters come with full-color video monitors and controls, making precise and sharp images of the position of the cutter. Switching from external to internal cameras on the machine is easy and the system allows you to reverse the image. This way, the machine mimics your own movements, making precise cuts and milling requirements.


Our inventory of lateral cutters is comprised of high-quality materials, ensuring a long service life in the field. These self-propelled cutters are reliable with a wide range of cutter head attachments coupled with different carbon wheels, bits, lateral connection liners, water pressure, lateral plugs, and so much more.

What Sets PrimeLine Products Ahead of the Competition?

Family-owned and -operated for over 20 years, PrimeLine Products ensures accurate estimates for our clients at all times. Working on practical business solutions for our customers and their operators allows us to deliver products to our clients that meet or exceed industry standards. Our flex cutter system equipment is available at the most reasonable prices, assuring our clients of cost-effective and reliable solutions.

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At PrimeLine Products, we offer state-of-the-art robotics for the trenchless rehabilitation industry with crystal-clear CCTV imaging that efficiently outperforms conventional pipe cutting techniques. If you want the best trenchless and pipeline equipment for your specific application or business needs, contact us today. Feel free to call us and schedule a consultation or fill out the form on this website and buy online.

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