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Primeline Products Chimney Seals

Chimney Joint Seals from PrimeLine Products

Chimney seals are a cost-effective and permanent alternative to standard methods of joint sealing. They offer many benefits and possess many advantages that assure you of superior sealing capabilities.

At PrimeLine Products, we carry a comprehensive line of trenchless and pipeline equipment and products by top manufacturers, including seals for pipe joints and manhole joints. Rest assured that you can have many options when you entrust all your trenchless needs to our team.


  • Can be easily installed by municipal employees or contractors.
  • Prevents I/I in man-entry size pipes and manholes.
  • Can be used for pipes ID 18″ and larger.
  • Manufactured with EPDM rubber and 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • Stops groundwater infiltration quickly and permanently in man-entry size pipes and manholes.
  • No requirement for special tools or training.
  • May be used to rehabilitate cracked, corroded, or deflected pipe joints.
  • Meets all applicable ASTM standards for chemical and ozone resistance, strength, tear resistance, etc.
  • Each seal individually manufactured to your exact specifications to ensure a proper fit.

Wedge Assembly

There are several advantages to the WedgeLock Assembly design.

  • Using only a torque wrench, they provide a sealing system superior to that of the hydraulic jack method used in other joint seals.
  • The two or more WedgeLock torquing points on each Expansion Band provide a much more uniform distribution of sealing force than jacking from a single point.
  • They can be easily checked for the right torque value, or even removed and reinstalled if necessary.

Seal Widths

The Internal Seal is available in three widths.

  • The 7.5″ model is wide enough for most joint repairs. If the leaking joint is offset or deflected the 10.5″ provides a wider sealing area.
  • For sealing even wider areas, the 7.5″ model with the extension flap is required. The flap allows the seals to be overlapped, providing an unlimited sealing area.
  • The seals are hot spliced using virgin rubber to form a high strength vulcanized joint.

A number of factors in design and application make these internal seals superior to our competition.

Our unique WedgeLocks are manufactured using 316 stainless steel while the expansion bands use 304 stainless steel.

Using a torque wrench, the WedgeLock design provides superior and more predictable results than the hydraulic jack installation method used in other systems. Exerting up to two tons of sealing force, the expansion bands provide a more uniform distribution of sealing force than jacking from a single point.

The seals themselves are hot spliced using virgin EPDM rubber to form a high-strength vulcanized joint. They are available in three widths as shown. The 7.5-inch seal is generally sufficient for most joints, but if the joint is deflected, the 10.5-inch seal will provide a wider sealing area. The Extension Flap Model may be used to allow overlapping of the seals, providing an almost unlimited sealing area.

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