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Manhole to Manhole Rehabilitation Lining

EZ1 & EZ2 Liner Inversion Products

The EZ1/EZ2 Inversion Units uses water or air pressure, depending on the model, for inversion without the need of high scaffolds or lift trucks. The EZ1 model inverts with water only and the EZ2 model inverts with air or water. When using water, the EZ Series utilizes public water available from hydrants. A hot water boiler is then used to cure the liner. Gauges on the EZ Series are used to monitor and control the pressure(s) throughout the inverting and curing process.


  • Inverts lengths over 1,000 ft. with water
  • Cures with water or steam
  • Invert with air, water, or both
  • Low profile, no need for high scaffolds or lift trucks
  • Utilizes public water from hydrants
  • Monitor and control the inverting and curing process
  • Inverts CIPP liner from 4″ (150 mm) to 18″ (460 mm)
  • Bolt-On-Boots for 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 15″, and 18″
  • Optional: 4 Inch Bolt-On-Boot & Liner Lubrication System
  • Round pressure chamber
  • Roller and Capstan – assist in controlling tube insertion
  • Platform scaffolding included


Specific measurements and setups for units are attached. This brochure can be downloaded and/or printed out.

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Sanitary sewer systems across the country are showing signs of their age. Cracks and leakage in these systems can cause sewage to be diluted, increase the volume of sewage, and decrease the efficiencies of wastewater treatments.

So if your Florida plumbing or contracting business offers manhole-to-manhole rehabilitation lining services, PrimeLine Products, Inc. has a TRY TEK Controlled Water Pressure Inversion Unit that can help you complete your projects with reliable results.

The Challenges of Traditional Manhole Repair

Manholes, sewer, and stormwater systems are exposed to a lot, which can cause them to deteriorate and fail over time. Traditional methods of excavating and replacing them can be expensive, messy, time-consuming, and disruptive to communities.  

Traditional methods requiring big trucks and heavy equipment can also struggle to operate effectively under bridges and power lines, inside tunnels and alleys, and through backyards and smaller properties.

To avoid these problems, some operations have turned to steam curing or compressed air inversion to install liners; however, there can be risks associated with these methods, too. The high-temperature steam can melt or blister manhole liners and potentially harm the technicians carrying out the process. Additionally, continuous-feed air units may not always invert as far through a pipeline as water pressure inversion.

The PrimeLine Manhole-to-Manhole Rehabilitation Lining Method

Our manhole-to-manhole rehabilitation lining method can help limit these issues and more. The TRY TEK Controlled Water Pressure Inversion Unit uses a process called water inversion to limit the amount of water that enters pipes during your team’s manhole rehabilitation process. Your professional operators can inflate a pipe liner with pressurized water, provide a controlled amount of heat to the water as the resin-saturated liner hardens, and wait for the lining to successfully form. This cured-in-place process can run in excess of 1000 feet, easily navigate bends and irregularities in the host pipe, provide protection to the host pipe, and completely cure the pipeline with reliable results.  

Throughout the process, the TRY TEK inversion unit can help your team create a complete lining that should restore the system to a condition that’s essentially brand new.  

The Benefits of Manhole Lining

There are several reasons why your business should consider water inversion manhole-to-manhole rehabilitation lining over traditional repair methods:

  • Greater cost-efficiency. Repairing and lining existing manholes can help eliminate costs associated with excavating and restoring streets, properties, landscaping, and traffic areas.
  • Increased structural integrity. Lining manholes can protect them, solidify their interiors, and increase their life spans.
  • Easier operation. Water inversion should reduce lifts and soft spots so your operators can have greater control and maneuverability.
  • Higher reliability. The liner remains constantly inflated during water inversion, so the probability of host-pipe damages and cave-ins should be reduced.

If you would like to provide your customers with a cost-effective manhole rehabilitation solution, Contact our team PrimeLine Products, Inc. located in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Our team of experts can help you get started with the best products to grow your business and emerge as an industry leader for your clients.   

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