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Lateral Pipe Lining System for Efficiency

At PrimeLine Products, we have maintained the highest standards in quality products and service for over 20 years. Our goal is to provide the most advanced trenchless rehabilitation equipment available. Our professionally trained and certified team works in partnership with the best manufacturers of lining equipment, including the leading MaxLiner cured-in-place technology, making sure that your business gets the most efficient lateral lining solution for your clients.

How the Maxliner Works

The Maxliner utilizes composite lateral lining materials, consisting of a tube of felt combined with an ambient-cure epoxy or silicate-based resin. This composite inverts throughout the length of a lateral, relining it from the building site to the main sewer. In effect, this new pipe-in-a-pipe method repairs leaking joints, broken pipes, or other defects that lead to pipe infiltration.

System Components

The Maxliner lateral pipe lining system comes with separate pieces of equipment, allowing contractors to manage their investments individually. The primary system components include:

  • Liner Gun – This system includes an inversion machine, hoses, adapter machines, and a control unit, providing all necessary items for high-quality cured-in-place lining and restoration for pipes that are highly difficult to access.
  • MaxCutter – This pneumatically-operated trenchless and pipeline equipment maneuvers around 90-degree bends and uses a part-turn gearbox to achieve precision cutting.
  • MaxLiner HotKick – A propane-fueled mobile curing system utilizing hot water and an onboard recirculation pump. The curing manifold handles three to eight-inch pipelines while the system provides for low-temperature rehabilitation and a considerable reduction in the epoxy’s hardening time.

PrimeLine Products also offers supplementary lateral pipe lining supplies, including calibration rollers, adapter rings, vacuum pumps, control boxes with plugs, and digital scales. All these assure you of a comprehensive and efficient lateral pipe lining system.

Benefits of Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining

The unique aspect of the Maxliner lateral lining system is its versatility, allowing contractors to create custom solutions for lateral restoration. The equipment is portable and lightweight, making it easy to transport between jobs. Its compact design only requires two operators and can fit into a service vehicle.

Advantages of a Lateral Lining System

Over the last decades, the demand for lateral connection repair has grown. Sewer systems experience unexpected damage and deterioration over time. This is particularly true for smaller-diameter laterals, which tend to break or separate.

To address this demand, industry professionals can use highly-effective trenchless cured-in-place pipe lining technologies, such as the MaxLiner lateral pipe lining equipment. Make PrimeLine Products your trusted industry partner so you can save time and avoid disruptive excavation and potential exposure.

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With more than 20 years as a family-owned and operated trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider, PrimeLine Products takes pride in offering quality equipment for industry professionals. Our knowledgeable staff has completed a drug test and a background check for reliability and has extensive knowledge of vendors and customer needs, allowing us to make accurate estimates for efficient trenchless solutions. Call our representatives or fill out our form to buy online now. We look forward to helping you provide efficient yet minimally invasive repairs to your clients.

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