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Comprehensive Lateral Pipe Lining Equipment from PrimeLine Products

At PrimeLine Products, we work hard to make sure that pipeline repair professionals get the highest quality equipment available, giving them a competitive edge in the industry. We are a team of industry experts with the experience to provide the right equipment for timely and precision work. All our trenchless and pipeline equipment provide your business with optimal efficiency.

Benefits of Lining Equipment at PrimeLine

Lateral pipe lining equipment from PrimeLine Products will be able to complete repairs on pipelines ranging from 4 inches to 36 inches in diameter. Our equipment for large and small jobs can handle any project, whether a short four-foot line or a thirteen-foot repair. These include products by MaxLiner, Picote, and Try Tek. We also offer a wide range of materials and accessories to make sure you’re fully equipped to get the job done right.

The MaxLiner Lining System 

The MaxLiner lateral lining equipment offers contractors and professionals versatility and the ability to create customized solutions for pipeline rehabilitation. It’s portable and lightweight, able to fit in a service vehicle, and only requires two operators. The MaxLiner completes lateral restoration in hard-to-reach lines by inverting a felt and resin composite tube throughout the pipe’s length, effectively creating a durable new pipe in the old one. Its components include:

  • Liner Gun
  • MaxCutter
  • MaxLiner Hotkick

Lateral Cutters by Picote

Lateral connection repair or reinstatement in sewer systems after they have been relined is a fundamental component of trenchless repair and restoration. This process requires a powerful and efficient lateral cutter that can hold up against high-pressure levels while accurately cutting connections in the newly-cured liner, even around bends. The lateral cutters from Picote that we provide at PrimeLine Products will reinstate cast iron, clay, and plastic lines ranging from DN 50 / 2” to DN200 / 8” pipes and include:

  • Smart Cutter
  • Smart Cutter Ultra Flex
  • Twister Mini
  • Twister Express

Additional Picote Technology

The efficiency and durability of Picote tech is an aide in maximizing the lining process. This technology includes pipe coating. Used primarily by sewer-repair contractors, this brush-on oil resin is vegetable-based and adheres to multiple material types. In addition, it helps in the removal of collapsed liners. You can be sure that even the most troublesome liners can be removed in the event a lining process hits unexpected difficulties.

Try Tek Robotic Cutters

Smaller-diameter laterals tend to crack or come apart, creating an increasing demand for small-drain relining and reinstatement with specialized robotic capabilities. PrimeLine Products offers the following Try Tek robotic systems:

  • T80 – This small-pipe cutter reinstates 3”,4” and 6” pipes with high-power and environmentally-friendly water hydraulics. It has a color camera, negotiates 45- and 90-degree bends, and carries out both horizontal and vertical reinstatement.
  • T150 – This product, engineered on client feedback, reinstates 5” to 18” drains. It’s easy to maintain, and its centered head maneuvers past obstacles and offsets. Its motor is protected by electronic torque limiting, and it expands functionality through a two-conductor digital design. It also works through a wired connection or with Wi-Fi and is game-controller compatible, among many features.

Materials and Accessories

PrimeLine Products also provides lateral lining materials for seamless and quick work in industrial, commercial, residential, municipal, and institutional projects. The liner tubes in multiple sizes support various stages of the lateral lining process. Liner resin comes with uniquely high resistance to multiple chemicals and a range of temperatures as well as an ambient curing capability and an absence of chemical odors

Supplementary lateral pipe lining supplies at PrimeLine Products include carrier packers, calibration rollers, control boxes, vacuum pumps, adapter rings, and digital scales for a complete pipe lining system.

Advantages of a Lateral Lining System

Over time, lateral repair work has increased in demand as sewer systems incur incidental damage and experience material deterioration. The highly effective results of cured-in-place trenchless technologies allow lateral repair contractors to do away with large-scale and time-consuming excavation while producing durable and comprehensive restoration work in some of the most difficult lines.

Rely on Our Knowledgeable Team

As a family-operated and -owned trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider for more than two decades, PrimeLine Products is your premier supplier of industry-leading products, solutions, and training. We have earned a sterling reputation for offering exceptional products and services while maintaining the highest level of quality standards.

Industry-certified and professionally trained representatives at PrimeLine Products have completed background checks and drug testing for reliable service. They are highly knowledgeable about client needs and vendors, assuring you that we provide accurate estimates for cutting-edge trenchless equipment. Contact our team by calling us or filling out the online form.

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