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In-Place Pipe Repairs Using the EPROS® DrainLCR-B Method

Now You Can Experience Expert Horizontal and Vertical Pipe Repair without Destruction of Your Property

If your pipes are leaking, this could wreak serious damage in your building. From foul odors to immense structural damage, your safety and comfort as well as that of your residents can be seriously compromised.

Traditional methods of repair often mean ripping up the ground or tearing down walls in order to reach the problematic section of pipe, reducing the use of your sewer and creating dust, dirt and other particulate around your home and garden. Now, you can take advantage of a more convenient solution offered by Trelleborg Pipe Seals. Using the epros®DrainLCR-B method, we can repair your pipes without excavation or lengthy disruption to your services.

How Does the Epros® DrainLCR-B System Work?

The epros®DrainLCR-B pipe repair method utilizes and repairs piping in-place, regardless of whether it is located underground, in your walls, or in other hard to reach areas. Entering your pipes using existing access points, such as holes, sewers, or pipes, the packer utilizes compressed-air push rods to reach the problematic section of pipe in order to carry out repairs.

Flexible and Versatile Material

With the ability to negotiate elbows of 45° or 90° depending on the type of pipe, the epros®DrainLCR-B is the most versatile and flexible in-place drain cleaning method on the market. We first use high-resolution video feeds generated by our inspection cameras to identify the location of the problem, before feeding the LCR-B packer to through the liner for robust and precise alignment with the pipe branch.

Simple Handling

Once the LCR-B repair unit is in place, inflation using compressed air begins the process of inversion of the LCR hat, widening to the diameter of the existing pipes and holding pressure until the end of the repair process.

The pipes are cured, after which the air is removed from the DrainLCR-B packer using a vacuum pump.

Reliability and Strength

Standard repair systems allow for a lateral repair length of 300 mm. The new technology of the epros®DrainLCR-B allows for increased repair lengths to a maximum of 1300 mm in a more reliable manner and using only the rim to seal the interface between pipe systems and by acting as a short liner in your house sewer.

Advantages of epros®DrainLCR-B

Increased Practicality:

Less equipment is needed to perform better execution than traditional dig methods.


You only need to purchase the packers so your initial costs are low.


The unit is easy to move and highly transportable, fitting into small cars.


Easily fold the LCR-B packer to any angle.

Safe to use:

The self-extinguishing resin systems contain no VOC’s or styrene.

Save Time:

Steam curing allows you to reduce repair time to below 50%.

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