Trenchless CIPP

If you’ve done some brief research on trenchless pipe rehabilitation, you may have stumbled across the term “CIPP.” Many people are unsure of what this acronym means, but CIPP is one of the most important methods of trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

CIPP, or “cured-in-place pipe,” is a standard type of pipe used in the trenchless repair process. The name comes from how the pipe is actually installed: the resin pipe starts out as a liquid then hardens or sets within an older existing host pipe. Trenchless CIPP is designed to repair pipes from the inside out with minimal invasive damage to the surrounding grounds.

The incredible versatility of cured-in-place pipe attests to its popularity. The experts at PrimeLine Products can use trenchless CIPP to rehabilitate pipes both large and small. The technology has the capacity to repair pipes ranging in diameter from just a few inches to a few meters, making it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial sewer systems. Trenchless CIPP can even handle massive storm drain pipes with ease, sealing any breaks or cracks in the pipeline.

The use of cured in place pipes results in a jointless and secure fit for your sewer system. The resin forms a tight bond between the old pipe and the new pipe being created; no shifting or moving will occur. The resin follows the existing pipes’ curvature to fill any cracks or discrepancies for a truly seamless installation.

If you are interested in using CIPP methods to rehabilitate your pipe system, contact the professionals at PrimeLine Products. As a full provider for all things trenchless, you can count on our team’s years of experience to deliver the highest quality trenchless CIPP services.