Sewer Lining Systems

Sewer pipes can begin to deteriorate for a variety of reasons. Heavy use, inclement weather, and age are among some of the conditions that cause pipes to break or crack. When there is a distinct discrepancy in your sewer system, you need to repair it immediately before a plumbing disaster strikes. One of the best ways to approach this is with sectional lining.

Sewer lining systems do just as their name implies: they are designed to reline an old sewer pipe with a new, more durable pipe to seal up any imperfections. Sectional lining uses the same approach, but focuses on the section in need of repair instead of total sewer line rehabilitation. The team at PrimeLine Products can provide the materials you need for any pipe problem, however extensive it may be.

The pipe lining process begins by first clearing out the old pipe of any blockages. Next, the technicians pull an epoxy-saturated liner through the interior of the host pipe. The liner is then inflated to fill any breaks that compromise the pipe’s integrity, forming a completely seamless seal along the old pipe walls. What starts out as a liquid will cure into a hardened pipe in just a few short hours. After it is set, the liner is pulled away to reveal a brand new section of durable pipe. Sewer lining systems ensure that your old pipes are restored, eliminating any defects that could lead to greater problems.

Our team is equipped with a full inventory of pipe relining products to get the job done. From carrier packers to fiberglass material and high quality resin, we offer a variety of solutions for any pipe rehabilitation project. In doing so, we hope to hold true to our mission of delivering the highest quality products while properly addressing the individual needs of each customer.