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Smart Cutter™ Starter Package 3” With Twister®


The award-winning Smart Cutter™ is a unique lateral cutter for 1¼”- 8″ drains, and has successfully reinstated over 40,000 branches world-wide to date. It can be used inside cast iron, concrete and clay pipes.


3″ Starter Package Contents:

3″ Hub Short 1/2″ Shaft Aluminum (12.5x35x50) x1
Steering Hub Disc Small x1
Hub Disc Small x1
Steering Axle x1
Steering Axle Bearing x1
Light Counter Weight x1
Front Drill Head Ridged x1
Wire Hook 1/2″ Shaft x1
Shaft Socket 1/2″ x1
Combo Hex Key 1-6 mm x1
Side Grinding Panel with Wedge 2×4″ x20
2.1″ Front Metal Panel x2
2.1″ Front Plastic Panel x10
Steering wire (3 ft / 1 m) x1
Twister x1

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