Picote Root & Scale Removal

Cyclon ChainResidential and commercial property owners understand how time-consuming and cost-intensive sewer line problems can be. Fortunately, those headaches when it does happen can be managed to a minimum using the latest trenchless technology. The two most common pipe issues that are immediately treated using trenchless pipe repair are the following:

Calcification and Scale. A pipe will naturally form calcification and scale along its interior lining over time. The buildup will eventually cause loss of water pressure and blockage. Continued buildup of scale and calcification also indicates that the pipe is thinning out and may need replacing or lining.

Tree Root Infiltration. Root intrusion is understandably one of the most common forms of pipe problems, but what homeowners may not know is that it can also prove to be one of the most damaging. The roots choke and clog the pipes, and weaken the pipe’s structural integrity by making the existing cracks grow larger.

Flow of water is impeded when your sewer pipes are clogged with roots and calcified deposits. The drainage system can cease to work and present all kinds of trouble and inconveniences.

Clean up tough calcified debris and tough roots using powerful remedial tools courtesy of PrimeLine Products and Picote. We offer only the best and the latest equipment for the Trenchless Rehabilitation Industry. Our partnership with Picote ensure that you have access to the most powerful and the most efficient root cutting or pipe descaling Milling units available today.

Twister Concrete Remover

Eliminate pesky stones with ease using the Twister Concrete Remover. It has 2 front brushes, a heavy-duty 3mm carbide metal panel and a special front drill head to smash concrete with absolute ease. The Twister Concrete Remover may be utilized to remove large rocks, slurry, grout and concrete blockages. You may also use it to grind concrete or clay pipe offsets that lend a polished finish after the lining process.

Twister Cleaner
Available models include DN100 and DN150 /4″ and 6″. Steering axle is optional. The Twister Concrete Remover is solely powered by the Maxi Miller unit.

Grinding Chains

Maximize your drain cleaning process with Picote’s range of high-quality grinding chains. These can be fitted easily into the Miller machines. With it, you can look forward to a new-like pipe restoration and the total elimination of scale and calcification.

Picote has now started manufacturing their own grinding chains to ensure an uncompromised level of quality. Each grinding chain is stamped with the Picote seal of approval. Remove tree roots and calcium build-up in half the time it takes other methods to complete.

The Smart Cutter

Get only the award-winning lateral cutter that can work with concrete, clay, cast iron or PVC pipes. The Smart Cutter can also work as an excellent remedial tool for eliminating fins, roots, nails, lead and epoxy slugs, or even smoothen out pipe wrinkles as necessary.

Professional contractors can now wield both innovative trenchless technology solutions and powerful, innovative solutions courtesy of Picote to gain an overwhelming edge over the competition.

PrimeLine Products, in partnership with Picote will help you remove tree roots, hard deposits and scale or calcified build-ups using the best technology of today. Call us to get more information and to get started.

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