Tools and Accessories

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Hand Pumps, Clog-Buster® Drain Flusher, Manometer

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Point Repair Carriers

Cherne´s point repair carriers are well-suited for most point repair systems. Available for pipe sizes 4″ to 12″, Cherne´s carriers are known for both their durability and reliability. Custom lengths are available upon request.

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Ring & Chain Assemblies, Test Gauges, Tub Waste & Overflow Plugs

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Poly-Lift Lines, Extension/Inflation Hoses

  • Great for plugs from 6″ to 60″ with removable tire valves
  • Retard gauge: helps prevent “peg-out” damage
  • Heavy-duty rubber gauge cover reduces shock and protects gauge face
  • 3/8″ ID hose for quick inflate/deflate
  • Quick-dump valve for easy deflation
  • Quick disconnect design for easy installation
  • Designed for use with plugs with removable inflator valve and eyebolt
  • Male quick disconnect included for easy plug conversion

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Manhole Jacks, Rollers, Winch, & Cover Hooks

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Multi-Size Jet-Ball® Pipeline Cleaning Balls

  • Inexpensive method for cleaning new lines prior to line acceptance testing
  • Also for cleaning grease out of existing lines-the better alternative to an expensive jet truck
  • Made of natural rubber

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Protective Sleeves

  • Extends plug life
  • Eliminates superficial cuts on plugs
  • Great for rental distributors & frequent users
  • Maintains backpressure ratings
  • Easy to install without special tools

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