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Pneumatic Plugs

Primeline Products pneumatic Plugs

Single-Size Test-Ball® Plugs

The most popular pipe plug for 50 years still gets the job done every time. Designed to test drain, vent, and waste systems, this single-size Test-Ball® plug is a must for those involved in the installation and repair of residential, commercial, and industrial piping systems. Made from long-lasting, natural rubber-molded with Cherne´s trademarked rib design the single-size Test-Ball® plug is durable, tear-resistant, and works on any type of pipe, including out-of-round pipe.

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Primeline Products Multi Size Plugs

Multi-Size Test-Ball® Plugs

Based on the popular Single-Size Test-Ball® design, one Multi-Size Test-Ball® plug works in up to three different pipe sizes-saving time, money, and shelf/truck space. Made from natural rubber with Cherne´s trademark ribbed design, the Multi-Size Test-Ball® plugs are durable, tear-resistant, and will work in any type of pipe-including out-of-round pipe.

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Primeline Products Clean Size Plugs

Clean-Seal® Plugs

Designed for stack testing of drain, waste, and vent plumbing systems, Clean-Seal® plugs thread into a standard test tee. The bladder is inflated and then water is introduced into the pipe. Upon test completion, deflate the bladder; water travels down the pipe, eliminating test water backsplash.

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Primeline Products Single and Multi

Single & Multi-Size Muni-Ball® Plugs

Cherne´s Muni-Ball® plugs are the most versatile pipe plugs on the market today. Made from durable, natural rubber, Muni-Ball® plugs feature a lightweight, rust-proof threaded aluminum bypass.

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Primeline Products Long Test Ball

Long Test-Ball® & MS2® Test-Ball® Plugs

Cherne´s long Test-Ball® plugs are designed for waste stack testing-sealing the rise and the run to perform the test. These long ball plugs can also be used to seal the wye to conduct sewer air tests. Molded-in sealing ribs at each end of the plug ensure a leak-free seal.

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Primeline Products Remote Plug

Remo® Remote Placement Plugs

The Remo® Remote Placement plug provides two advantages-it eliminates the need to enter confined spaces and speeds up the pipe plugging process. The system is safer and less expensive to use than conventional plugging methods because it requires no confined space equipment to simply block sewer flow. A lightweight aluminum pole system* or a standard 1 1/4″ iron pipe** is used to place the Remo® plug in the sewer system.

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Primeline Products I Series Plugs

i-Series™ Test-Ball® & Muni-Ball® Plugs

Sized to fit both American and metric pipe sizes, i-series™ plugs have a large expansion range, allowing them to work in many different sizes of pipe. The i-series™ plugs are designed to block/bypass sewage or conduct a low pressure sewer air test.

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Primeline Products Muni Ball

Large Multi-Size Muni-Ball® & Test-Ball® Plugs

These pneumatic plugs are designed for a multitude of applications. Test Balls® can be used to block sewer flow, or as a back plug for a sewer air test. Muni-Ball® plugs can be used to block flow, bypass pump sewage, and as a front or back plug for sewer air tests.

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Primeline Products Big Mouth Plug

Big-Mouth® Flow-Through Plugs

Big-Mouth® plugs serve multiple applications. Great for gravity bypassing or bypass pumping. Big-Mouth® plugs can also be used to block sewer flow or to conduct low-pressure sewer air tests.

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Primeline Products Pneumatic Air Loc

Air-Loc® Leak Locator Plugs

Air-Loc® leak locator plugs are designed for both low-pressure sewer line acceptance tests as well as leak location testing. Air-Loc® plugs can also be used to block flow by simply plugging the fill and read-back ports.

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Primeline Producs Factory Sleeve

Factory-replaceable Sleeve Multi-Size Muni-Ball® Plugs

Factory Replaceable Sleeve Muni-Balls are designed to block or bypass sewage flow as well as conduct low pressure sewer air tests. This plug can be used for both line acceptance testing and leak location testing. The sleeve on this plug can be repaired at Cherne for less than the cost of a new plug. Made of natural rubber reinforced with polyester cording, these plugs work well both in round and elliptical pipe.

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Primeline Products Pillow Online Retailer

Large Pillow-Style Test-Ball® & Muni-Ball® Plugs

Cherne´s pillow-style Test-Ball® and Muni-Ball® plugs are great for blocking sewer flow and can also be used for sewer air testing. Made from heavy-duty elastic urethane, these plugs are lightweight, flexible, chemical and petroleum-resistant, and will fit through small-diameter openings. Pillow-style plugs can be tethered with the attached tether bars, and will work in all types of pipe, including ductile iron sizes.

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