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Jaws Series

Primeline Products Predator Nozzles

Jaws® / Hammerhead™

The Jaws® and Hammerhead™ nozzle water speed is increased by “looping” it around a patented system of individual conduits. This results in disciplined, well defined and powerful water streams that stays together longer and farther behind the nozzle. The water stream angle, the jet and the jet sizes are scientifically designed for optimum thrusting and cleaning efficiency.

The Jaws® nozzles have set a new standard that all other nozzles are measured by, cutting overall operating costs and increase efficiency.

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Primeline Products BL Missile Nozzle

BL Missile™

In the Jaws® series of nozzles you also will find the BL Missile™, developed to be used without a sled. The request came from customers in South America with the problem of small pipes filled with grease. They needed a compact nozzle with optimal pull and thrusting power but with a design preventing the nozzle from getting stuck.

BL Missile™ is now the obvious complement to the Jaws® nozzle. To open up any obstacles the BL Missile™ is supplied with one penetrating forward jet. To give maximum service lifetime the BL Missile™ is also supplied with a replaceable wear body.

Primeline Products C Ray Predator Nozzle

C-Ray™ Nozzle

The C-Ray™ Nozzle series has been developed in co-operation with our customers. The C-Ray™ series is the most effective bottom cleaner on the market by increasing the water speed with “looping” the water around a patented system of individual conduits. The angle of the water stream, the jet and the jet sizes are designed for optimum pull and cleaning power. The water streams are directed towards the bottom of the pipe for optimum debris moving.

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Primeline Products Orca Nozzle

Orca™ Nozzle

To clean larger pipes cost effectively there is a demand of higher flow nozzles. This is the reason why we have developed the Orca™ nozzle which allows you to connect two jetting units and receive double the water flow.

Characteristics & Construction:

  • Quality stainless steel construction with conduits that allow turbulence free water transportation to the individual jet with SBR rubber conduit cover. This allows for a jet stream to be maintained longer and farther down the pipe.
  • Variable jet sizes to accommodate flows from 200 up to 1500 l/min (60-400 US GPM).
  • Low angle jet stream, attacks debris at its weakest point with superior performance.
  • One swivel needed for mounting and operation.
Primeline Products BL Nozzle Gold

BL Gold™ Recycling

Using a recycling truck put a lot of strain to products and material. To meet our customer´s expectations regarding efficiency and safety we have developed the BL Gold™ nozzle. At first glance the BL Gold™ looks very similar to the BL Missile. But it is more then what meets the eye. BL Gold™ is made of wear resistant bronze alloy. We have developed a new technique allowing us to mill the channels directly in the bronze material for maximum wear resistance and safety. BL Gold™ is supplied with ceramic jets. Normally ceramic jets are unnecessary due to the flow design of the Jaws® Series, which the BL Gold™ is part of.

Primeline Products Ice Bear Predator Nozzle

Ice Bear™

We have developed our own line of trouble solving, every day nozzles, built on our collected know how throughout the years. They are called the Ice Bear™ nozzles. The nozzles have a simple but effective flow design with the nozzle threaded to the top for less turbulence in the head of the nozzle. This results in, with the jet angles, good thrusting and debris moving power.

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Primeline Products Spinner Predator Nozzle


The Spinner™ series are developed for a flexible and effective removal of grease, smoother deposits, smaller roots etc. They have thrusting jets that are changeable according to your specifications, together with rotating adaptable propulsion 90° and 45° jets. With this you will get a strong water pattern for effective removal of debris.

The closer the jet is towards the debris the more effective it becomes. This is probably the most important rule when using a spinning (rotating) nozzle.
In our assortment we also have rotating nozzle with 1/8″ and 1/4″ NPT hose connection.

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Primeline Products Goblin Predator Nozzle

Goblin Grease Eater

NATAB™ was the predecessor to the Predator series nozzle which included the Jaws™ and Hammerhead™. They both became revolutionary in the market and are widely used today all over the world. Since then we have improved the NATAB™ Nozzle into GOBLIN™

GOBLIN™ has water bearing walls to ensure smooth water streams with less turbulence. By this construction the waters energy is kept until it becomes useful for cleaning the pipes. GOBLIN™ is about twice as effective as conventional nozzles with drilled interior.

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