BL Swiper™ Sewer Nozzle

bl-swiper1BL SWIPER™ is a new patented sewer nozzle developed for cleaning sewers and storm water pipes in a cost-effective and resource saving manner (both money and environment).

The construction of the BL Swiper™ is made to optimize the cleaning effect by using both the water flow from the high pressure pump, together with the jet streams. The water flow, through the pressure in the jets, creates a jet stream and the jet streams create thrust through a number of channels. The number of channels is equal to the number of water jets i.e. a nozzle supplied with 4 water jets are supplied with 4 channels. The channels are placed in the center of the nozzle meaning that the total force generated by the nozzle, both air and water force, are used to clean the pipe cost-effective.

Tests performed with the BL SWIPER™ has been determined that the flow rate can almost be cut in half, compared with normal flow needs. The pressure has a direct impact on the cleaning ability of the BL SWIPER™. By increasing the water pressure, the thrust power will also accelerate, decreasing the total cleaning time.

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