Liner Gun

LinerGunSet (1)

Liner Gun Set

  • Inversion Machine
  • Adapter rings for 6″ & 8″
  • Control Unit
  • 1 pair hoses
  • Total weight – 48 lbs
  • Head will detach and stand will fold-up for easy storage


Adapter Rings

Adapter Rings for different size pipe:

  • 3″ Adapter Ring
  • 4″ Adapter Ring
  • 5″ Adapter Ring
  • 6″ Adapter Ring
  • 8″ Adapter Ring
  • 10″ Adapter Ring


Control Box and Plugs

Control Box and plugs. To hold air during the cure time of the resin.

  • 3″ Plug
  • 4″ Plug
  • 6″ Plug
  • 8″ Plug


Calibration Roller

Manual Calibration Roller with spacer bars.
Adjust the spacing between the two rollers to insure the proper finished wall thickness.


Digital Scale

Digital Scale with case.
To measure correct amount of resin and hardener.


Vacuum Pump

Special Vacuum pump that connects to your compressor.
Eliminates air in the line to expedite resin saturation.

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