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The Epros® DrainLCRB Method

Vertical and Horizontal House Pipe Repairs without Breaking Walls

Leaking downpipes and sewers in buildings still typically mean bad smells for the residents and can,in the worst case, result in structural damage and moist walls or even moldiness.

Conventional repair methods – breaking up of walls and/or grounds – then make people suffer noise, dirt and service disruption. Trelleborg Pipe Seals have a remedy for this problem: The new epros®DrainLCR-B repair method repairs laterals without breaking out walls or excavations, and thus means much less annoyance of residents.

How the Epros® DrainLCRB Works

The epros®DrainLCR-B is a pipe repair device or method for the rehabilitation of in-house downpipes and underground sewers.
In this innovative method, the repair unit – the so called packer – is inserted in the existing access holes, chambers or eyes of the rainwater or wastewater downpipe and sewer and pushed to the point of repair by means of compressed-air push rods.

Highly Flexible Material

As the LCR-B packer is highly flexible, it will smoothly negotiate 45° elbows in a DN 100 main pipe and even 90° elbows in lines of DN 125 or more.
An inspection camera is placed into the branch line and pushed up to the main/branch interface.

Once the LCR-B packer has reached the junction, the mouth piece of the LCR-B hat profile or LCR-B liner can be turned by means of the locked air push rods for proper alignment with the branch.

Easy to Handle

The LCR-B packer will be inflated to start the inversion process of the LCR hat profile. After complete inversion the pressure will be maintained until final cure.

After cure, a vacuum pump integrated in the LCR-B control box removes all air from the DrainLCR-B packer which then can be removed.

Reliable Results

The LCR-B hat profile in the main pipe seals the interface between the two pipe systems with its rim only, whereas the LCR-B liner is designed as a short liner in the down pipe or house sewer.

The standard lateral repair length is 300 mm – the new LCR-B packer model allows a maximum repair length of 1300 mm.

The Advantages at a Glance


Only little equipment is needed to execute repairs successfully.

Low Cost:

Just buy the packers actually required – investment is small.


The low-weight mobile unit requires low space only and can be placed even in a small car.


LCR-B packers can be folded as required.


The resin systems used are easy to impregnate, they contain no styrene, VOC’s etc. and in case of fire are self-extinguishing.

Time Saving:

50% less operating time due to steam curing.

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